Sunday, July 22, 2012

Highlights from the 1st Week at the MTC- Letter #1

July 20,2012

Wow, so much has happened! I’m so busy I can’t decide what to do first. They give you so much stuff to get a handle on and it’s a little overwhelming. They got us learning Finnish right away, it’s a crazy language. My name is Vanhin Waite, you say it Vahn-heen Waite.
Elder Waite, yo! J

I have two companions. Vanhin Christianson is from Taylorsville, he’s short and a twig. My other companion is Vanhin McDonald he’s from Vegas. He is also short and a twig.

We already started praying in our language and are supposed to teach and speak to each other and to practice investigators in Finnish. I can’t even count to ten, but I have faith. J

So we met our Branch Presidency [MTC bishopric] and they are really cool people. President Hicken is the Branch President and he already knows our names and faces. The Spirit here is awesome. In our meetings a scripture was given about the blessing families of missionaries get and I felt comforted. I loved it. J

But in our interviews I met with Brother Anderson, one of the counselors. I told him everything I felt at the MTC, he asked “Do I feel like a missionary?” and I said, “No” it hasn’t hit me yet but hopefully soon. There is a real power of love and strength given to missionaries, I have felt it already. J I loved my interview and I believe he is a great man.

So much else good and kinda bad has happened, but I’m not given very much time. I’m still way unorganized in my room with my suitcases and desk but I have a handle on it. J

Just casually let people know I cannot always get to writing letters. Time is valuable here and they fill so much of it already. It’s great but I just can’t write that much. L I will try and get to it though.

About the MTC, it’s very fast paced, meals are fast, but the days seem to go by slowly but I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. In the Branch meeting I was made Senior companion and Vanhin McDonald was made District leader.

So district leaders pick up our mail- and if we have a package he gives us a green slip. Well the first night we got mail. I got three letters and three green slips. J Thank you so much for sending the letters!! J The other Elders in my district didn’t get any.

My companions got a notice though, that I did too! We’re going to Los Angeles next week! Found out the night we got our mail which was the 19th! You’re probably wondering what the Parker Poo are you going to L.A. for, but we have to pick up our visas in person from a Finnish consulate thing in LA. So it will be a little field trip to LA and back in one day J

I still have TONS to learn but I’m excited. It’s amazing how the feeling of home sick and loss of friends goes away when you focus on the work! And although the language is hard, I am SO grateful to have a difficult language to take my mind off home and everyone I care about!

So there are these things called Narnia Holes, and they’re places where past Elders have hid things. Like behind the vent in our room we found a Pez dispenser. The MTC is cool! I like it but I might be eating my words later.

I love everyone who’s helped me!

Love, Vanhin Waite!

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