Saturday, January 25, 2014

Letter #74

dear family.
so this week was really really good, except for the end, i will tell you why, but i love lohja and the mission is great:)
so 2 days ago i climbed some ropes and when I reached the top I slid down them..... but thats a problem because you dont slide down ropes. i got a pretty bad rope burn because of it and had to get some care on it, but EVERYTHING is fine!! im just wearing bandages now.. thats it. :)
We found a couple of investigators and hjad some sweet experiances with othér people. I love it here and I hope everything is going well for all yall
Vanhin Waite
this is a picture of my hands. i learnd how not to come down ropes and not to do that kind of stuff on the mission. :) love you:) kinda stupid i know, but i got to talk to the nurse about religion, turns out she was a jehovah witness, not anymore though... all kinds of doors opened up. :)

Letter #73

Dear Family friends and Country Men... RUSSIANS!!! :)(just kidding)
So it is WINTER finally here up north. We went from 3 degrees C all the way down to -10 in one day!!! its fantastic!!! we actually have snow!! im happy.
The snow makes everything so much more brighter and happier. even though is is pretty cold with the humidity and stuff. My companion and I have installed a hitch to our car now, and soon we will have bikes!!! yeah bikes in the cold snow!!! I actually enjoy it, it is a good work out and pretty fun. Pretty sweet stuff.
We are doing good in the missionary work department side of life, potentials, investigators copies of the Book of mormon and all that Jazz. We do a way cool FHE where all the families here in Lohja come to gether for it, happens ounce a month and its sweet!!
Okay, so sad and good news. I found out my departure date as of right now. right now it is JUNE 26. thats right, JUNE 26. I got cut short because of the new mission president coming, they dont like having people leaving like 2 weeks after he gets there. so.... but my mission pressident will be talking to SLC and maybe I will get an extension. but as of right now it is June 26. I think it will change, Idk, its like a 50 50. yo yo.
I love you all and i HOPe you have a great week!! Ilove Finland and the snow!! have fun!!!
Vanhin Waite

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter #72

dear Family

This week was pretty good. A new start in a new city!! our first few weeks were just busy with apartment stuff, new car, members wanting to see the new boys in town, meetings and all sorts of stuff. But now, we got just up hill work!!! no investigators, plenty of area, its show time. haha, 

A really cool thing last week was we had some pretty sweet lessons with our only investigator and then he dropped us. Like he felt the Spirit and everything so, now he is in the Lords hands. Also I never did this but we used Family History as a contacting method and it totally worked. This man would love to meet with us next week and talk about family history work but other than that, he told us up front, he doesn't care about our church´s doctrine. That´s okay. 

I love you all and I hope you all have a FANTASTIC first full week of the new year!! I hope the goals have been made and effort to achieve them is commenced. Have fun and be safe!!

Vanhin Waite 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Letter #71

Dear Family
Thank you all for Skyping with me!!! YOu all are awesome!! this week will be short, but sweet. Just like we like em right???
Christmas was WAY busy!!! we had 3 dinner appointments each day, Christmas eve and Day, the end of the week went really good. We put together a map for our area and areas. pretty intense process. We met with a lot of partmember families and had some great laughs. Things are on the up swing and GROWING!!
I love you all and have a Happy New year!!! Lets start the Year off right!! I love you!
Vanhin Waite