Thursday, July 26, 2012

Staying BUSY!-Letter #2

 Sup yall!!! hope you get this. I totally remembered, I dont have mom's email account..... so what can ya do? This is me guessing, if it’s right then that’s awesome if not.. its alright:) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FLOWERS, PACKAGES, and LETTERS! My companions everyday have been like "so what did you get today Waite?" its pretty funny:) So I feel ripped off because so much happens and so much has happened and I don't very much time to write. :(   
          My branch presidency is way cool, my p day is wednesday and I have two companions, I just went to LA, I'm already teaching a finnish dude, my roomates are cool, I’m here for 3 months, I feel the spirit, the food is good but its nothin’ like mom’s.
         I wish I had more time but due to lack of typing skills I have and a time telling me to go I would write more. But I AM happy here, I AM Okay, and sorry about the last minute LA trip notice, thats how I felt, but on the 24 I woke up in Provo, spent the day in LA, and fell asleep in Provo, pretty crazy huh? But the whole point of the trip was so the FINNISH consulate could get my fingerprints. So have fun this week, I love you all and miss you. tease parker  :) Love you :) Greg

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