Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #61

Dear Family

Thank you for your love and support!! I love you all and I am very grateful for you!!! Last week was a little short so this week I will try and make up for it. 

My companion felt a bit sick this week, so this week was a little slow. But I also have realized how much I have learned about the scriptures. They are awesome!!! I think Moroni is a great example to everyone. Commander and chief at like 25, war ended and he retired at age 42, and then died the next year. He saw a ton of war and yet was faithful to the gospel the whole time. What a sweet example.

The more I teach people the more I am convinced that the teacher learns more than the student. In our lessons this week i have had so many light-bulb moments. Its funny. We had most of our investigators dropped or moved away this week. A few weeks ago we had 12 investigators with a few having baptismal dates. But, just goes to show the ups and downs of life.

I hope everyone is doing great!! it has gotten extremely cold lately. its like 36 or 39 degrees here. I also realized that I miss the extreme heat. I feel like I didn't get that this year, I miss those 90 degree. 

I love you all and I hope everything goes well. Thank you for your love and support!!!!
Vanhin Waite

Friday, September 27, 2013

Letter #60

Dear family

This has to be fast. I got to go. but I lov you and i am SAFE!! and dry at the moment. It has been raining a TON!!! the finns say in the fall it rains everyday. nad it is getting cold. I am sorry for this being short but I lov eyou and I got to go. have fun and I will write a bit more next week.


Vanhin Waite

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #59

Dear family

This week was very good!! I have gotten to know the forests of Kajaani a lot better this week. lately we have been taking lots of extra trails through the wood so it is almost like mountain biking. Its WAY fun but, my bike is not really built for it. :

I did crash and really hurt my shoulder but everything is okay now, I am A-Okay! way fun!!! but we actually do a lot of finding people on these trails. so it is a bonus!! 

we had a great lesson with a psychiatrist who doesn´t believe in God. but she has become a investigator and is pretty sweet. We are also teaching a family and it is amazing to see the Spirit help them and change there lives.

I got to go but I love this work and i am very greatful for the opportunity to work hard and to love. I hope the best to everyone and i love you all and have a smilely fun week!!!

Vanhin Waite 

Letter #58

Dear family

This week was pretty good. Every week is pretty good but this week was especially good because I had fun!! idk, but it was alright. Almost everyone of our lessons got cancelled and a lot of people not listening.  other than that, I learned a TON about desire.

We had a district meeting where we learned about desire. I am very grateful for the desires we have, because desire leads us to act, and our actions lead us to what we become. So do I desire to be like Christ, than I will become like Him. And I love the classic Alma 32 comparison of the word to a seed. That if it is good than it will grow. But we cant give up on the seed. 

I really like being a missionary. You learn SO much!! and I love learning!!! One cool thing this week was that in church, our investigators didnt show up. :( but a member asked me "ah, where are the investigators?" which made me feel good that, they have gotten use to investigators in church. but a little sad because none came. but, I liked that. 

I love you all and I am very grateful to be related to you!! friendship or blood, you are all really great!!
I love you and have fun!!

Love Vanhin Waite

Letter #57

Hello Dear Family and Friends

This last week was WAY crazy!! it was exchange week, i have a new companion named Elder Lym. He is from Ogden Utah. We like talking about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Video Games and the Bible. i try and keep the conversations more religious based but it always goes to something like those. haha, he is way good!!

This week we met with all sorts of people!! but we found 6 new investigators!! for a small town, I felt pretty blessed!! and for change week. It was WAY awesome!! I also bought two discs for frisbee golf. Elder Lym really wants to play and I like it too so it was way fun to play 3 hours right before this. haha

We have 3 people who have baptismal dates and two of them came to church!! I love the members here. it is such a small branch. and yet, always the Spirit is there. one investigator was haveing a hard time with prophets. And one person talked about prophets!! it was GREAT!!

I have learned a lot about myself and this gospel. I love it and I am very grateful for a living day prophet. i am excited for Gereral Conference and I know this church is true. And I know that God reveals truth and himself through Prophets. I love you all and i hope you have a great week!! every week here is a great week!!! Just depends on how we look at things. I love life!!! 

Vanhin Waite