Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter #49

Dear Family and Friends

Wow, what a week. I  love learning of the Savior and His Atonement and also my relationship with Heavenly Father. haha, you know its been a good week when it starts off like that. :) But this week was change week. I moved farther north to the the most north district of missionaries EVER!! Jk, Idk if thats true, probably isnt but I would have to say I love being district leader!! I get to know so many AWEOMSE Elders and Sisters, its great!! So thats whats up. :)

So last week it was hard to leave Joensuu because of some really great investigators. In the short time I knew them their faith had grown so much. We had become good friends and they told us so. They are great people. The man said he never believed in God till he met this women. Then he had a hard time believe in a certain God. if that makes sense, he believed in something but I feel that now he believes in a loving God, one that he can have a personal relationship with. It is amazing to see the Gospel change peoples lives!! I love it. But its been a great learning experiance too. Because in my opinnion, to get an investigator to progress, you have to progress with them. I love missionary work and what it does to others and for me.

So I left Joensuu by bus alone, me and my three suitcases AND a bike. pretty fun. haha and then train from Kuopio to Kajaani. It is a smaller town. about 30,000. so its like Spanish Fork I think. maybe. kinda. not really because they speak finnish here. :) :) but It is a WAY beautiful city!! Very special!!

My new companion is Elder Nemelka. He is from Springvile and he is very nice, supportive and I have just learned so much from him. Its funny that I serve with great guys from Payson and Springvile, I just need mapleton now. Elder Nemelka is very funny and great at seeing things as they could be, not as the are now. ya know what I mean?

I love you all and I know this gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is really so powerfull in our conversion. It is a friend to me and I love missionary work. Its hard, its tough, its worth it. :) its a time and a "place of change!" Love you and have fun this week!!!

Vanhin Waite

Monday, June 17, 2013

Letter #48

Dear Family
This last week was really good and really slow. We had a lot of good ol meeting cancel on us. And we got a baptismal date from our two awesome stud of investigators. It was a really good week. We also have transfers comeing up this next week and I found out I will be going farther north to a city called Kajaani and I will be district leader there.
I am excited to move on but sad to leave Joensuu. I love the country over here. On this side of the country are the most lakes and rivers. It is extreamly pretty and the people are also very nice. The church is small in the north but growing really fast. I love this work and I dont have much time left.
I do think it is funny when we move, because we have all our stuff and then a bike. and whats funny with the bike is that i have to haul around a winter tire with it so there is this awkward tire to cary. I think it is funny. so that is the most stressful my life gets compared to the rest of the world. So i feel kinda blessed and I love my mission even more. I am extreamly greatful to be here and to have so many people support me. Thank you for all your love and help.
I know this is short but, I love you and I know this church and gospel are true. And that Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers, and that it is key to relize that it is HIS will that is important because He really does know best. I love Him and I am greatful for this life I have on earth and to know such wonderful people. I love you and have fun!!!
Vanhin Waite

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Letter #47

Dear Family
I will have to be fast. But this week was one of the busiest and BEST weeks ever!! Extreamly difficult though but awesome, I love the Spirit and the help the Lord gives us and how we really do rely on him daily. I love you all and hope this week is great for you.
So we tried getting a baptismal date with an investigator this week because if they have baptismal dates we all know that they know that IF they are progressing at all it should be towards baptism right??? RIGHT!!! so in this lesson we tried and it felt like to us that something was holding them back. And come to find out one of them had read the Law of Chastity pamphlets and really liked it. The only problem they had with it was.... they have a 11 year old daughter and theyr not married. That is alright, but the hard part for me was when it came down to it, the mom started to cry and asked me was her daughter a sin?  at first I couldnt answer, my heart went out to her and I told them "I dont know how to answer". But we eventully turned it into a disscussion on prayer and repentance. Pretty intense and very spiritual.
Another great part of this week was missiong a bus. Idk why it happens so much to me but I always seem to miss trains, busses and all other modes of transportation. But we missed it and it was the weekend so it was the last bus. But we decieded to make the most of it and on the following day we really "pulled out all the stops" and we got 11 lessons on sunday!! Wow!! I love the day of rest, not for us!!! haha but that was pretty cool too.
I love you all and I hope the begining of the summer starts well and I hope it ends the same!! I love my mission and the chance I have to learn and grow myself. I love and miss you all and I hope you all are safe. This week is change call week and my trainee is no longer in need of training. He is becomeing his own master. And maybe I shall obtain another padawan. I love you and have fun!!!

Vanhin Waite

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter #46

Dear Family and Friends
This week was a loooong one!! But as usual, pretty busy. And this might be short too because I dont have too much time. So we had a Zone Conference up in Oulu, we also lost our phone, and I love being on a mission.
I am in the North Zone of my mission. And we have Zone Conference like every other month. And this time was special because we had a Area President come. His name was something like President Kiieren. Idk, but I learned soo much. It is amazing to be almost a year out on my mission and STILL there is SOOO much to improve on. But the wonderful thing about life is that perfection is not ment to be abtained, we continually use Christs atonement and we improve. I learned in Zone Conference that we got to BECOME our message. That we are the first message people see and we must BE the message. The message of hope, love and an eternal aspect. That we can put off the natural man and become a saint. A lot of cool stuff was learned.
We lost our phone on the train ride. I think it slipped out of my pocket. So we have to travel about 6 hours to our Zone meeting and the trains dont leave too often and thats why missing trains really stinks. But for the ride back home I went to the lost and found to find our phone and we talked for a bit. After a while he asked when our train left, and I said "in about a minute", he had us right down a number to reach us if a phone like that is found and we booked it. the funny thing was is we almost missed our train!! But we had another pair of missionaries on the train, but sense the doors to the train lock before it moves, we had one of those, "the door is locked but you can still see the panicked/funny face of the person on the other side of the door through the glass" moments. But a conductor saved us. All is good that ends well. ya know.
I love being on a mission because of the personal growth that I can see in myself. I can grow a BEARD!!! just kidding, but a different kind of growth. I love everything about it. I hope you all have a good week. I love you.
Vanhin Waite