Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter #19

Dear Family and Friends and all yalls,

This week has been really busy and really awesome!! First off, Happy THANKSGIVING!!! Kiitospäivä!! :) Im a little late to the party buy yo, I love you all! 

So we have a couple of Chinease investigators, they are SO cool. We were teaching one of them how the Holy Ghost can help us and give us answers to our prayers, and he still didnt feel like he´s ever felt the Holy Ghost. So we decided to talk about Christ and His Gospel trying to lead into the Gift of the Holy Ghost and , and the Spirit was totally in the room with all of us and then we said "We know you have felt the Holy Ghost and we know that you know that this is true." than there was this silence that came, and nobody wanted to move.... and than he said "Yeah..... yeah I have felt that before, I felt something like this when we met at the door for the first time..." Wow, the Lord is preparing people and its great, he wants to be baptized but he is going to talk to his family about it first. Please pray for him, call him Jack. :) 

Okay, speaking of Missionary work. So, since Confrence and the news about younger missionaries doing the good work:) :) :) :) our Mission President told us some AWESOME news!! So right now, in Finland, there are about 70 missionaires total. about 14 Sisters and 56 Elders. This time next year, there will be 70 Elders and 38 Sisters!! oh and 4 more Elders in Finland but Sweedish speaking, for a total of 112!!! its Awesome!! 

So with Thanksgiving this week we had a big two district combination meeting, then we had some food after the meeting, okay it was alot of food. It was SO fun because me and my compianion were just crackin jokes like there was no tommorrow (we were eating, drinking and being merry.. JK!) and we had everyone smileing and rollin on the floor!! it was way fun. 

We had a dinner appoinment with my FAVORITE members EVER!! they´re this hilarious older couple, the Bro. drives way fast and its just funny, he laughs alsmost at everything and the Sis, she is just a talker about the gospel, you get her started and she will go on about blessings in church and about Everything, shes Great!! Im going to get a picture of them sometime because they´re awesome.

Vanhin Waite

Monday, November 19, 2012

Letter #18

Hey Family!! and all others who venture to read this!!

News flash, it hasnt even snowed here yet, pretty cool hugh? Its kinda surprising to me, it has not gotten below -2 for the last three weeks, but hey, counting my many blessing!! :) yo

So, I dont know if I said this, but "jo" in Finnish, (sounds like "Yo" in English) is a confirming are agreeing sound. Its Great!! I forgot to say that but I say Yo everyday to people and strangers and animals... maybe not the strangers.... Jk!!! But we had Stake Conference this last week, and I could understand 1/2 of what was said!! its great! yo! ;)

okay so, last P-day, we were shopping and my companion just said, "Hey, lets go in there". So this is a suit mission, but we went into this store and I found a WAY good deal on a scarf and one of those cool furry HATS!! but I also saw a navy suit jacket!! I had two pairs of Navy color pants, and it just so happens, they go together!(the colors)! I think its funny now because I have American pants and a European jacket, but I have Three suits!!! oh yeah.

So this week we tried visiting all the lesser activers, and it pretty tough to get a hold of some. But we met with this one man who had been inactive from the church for 10 years. He has an alcohol addiction and when we called him to set something up, he was soo drunk we had to have a member understand his address. but the amazing thing was that he wanted to meet!! and so we met with him, and he said to us oh I want to come back to church, we told him great and tried giving him a BOM to read, and he said some things that hit me, he said "No, I cant take the BOM, its a sacred Book, I know its true, and Im not worthy to read it." This little old man said that and all I thought was "Yes you can." The lesson went really well and we also have an investigator from China, he is the one that was so excited when he prayed for the first time, but he came to Stake Conference with us! but what was cool, is that he invited a friend, way awesome!!

So me and my Companion have this tradition of making pizza every Friday Night. Its Way fun!! I wouldnt mind keeping this tradition, in fact I think I will!! We also decided to try a different pizza every time, and so we have, and lets just say we have had some good, some not so good. :) who knew bananas dont belong on pizza. :)

Hoping everything is going great! because it is great here!!
         Vanhin Waite

So, this is my winter face!! dont ask why I was holding the broom, it happened to be there. yo. :) and my new hat! its sweet

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Letter #17

Dear Family,

Well, this week... alot happened for not being in your assigned area for 5 days. Helsinki was fun!! I love President Rawlings, he is so cool. He inspires, uplifts and gets ya freakin pumped to just talk to people and bring them the good word. its great:) Came back to Hämeenlinna and surprising got alot done for being gone so long. Its the last week of the Transfer, or Change, but me and Elder Anderton are staying in Hämeenlinna for another transfer!!:) :)

So, in LTM (Leadership training meeting) Pres would talk about a topic and than he would make us do role plays and incorperate the things we learned. It was EXTREAMLY helpful because it practices everything and we just learn so many new teaching stratagies and insights, its way good. There were about 12 total missionaries there and the Pres. his wife and the AP´s. But everyday there we would have lunch with the office staff. They are SO cool!! And they always tried to get me to finnish the rest of the food because they noticed I would take about 4 or 5 servings. (Tee Hee) They are just funny and I love them. Elder and Sis France are this Way sweet nice couple from Utah and than Sis Horning is just a way funny older sister missionary, shes hilarious!!! Sis Horning says she will go sky diving when she turns 70. gotta love her :) theyr way cool. But there food was really good and I told them so. yo. :):)

So, on Wednesday, as we were on the trolly to the meeting, the meeting started at 10 and we have been early to it everytime because its the Pres dont ya know. But on the trolly ride over I started talking to a man and he seemed to be interested. Now theres a rule I learned the day before that if your talking to someone, than its okay to miss the stop. Well I was talking to this guy about Profeets, and i notice that the other three Missionaries get of the trolly, than the door started closeing, but at the last second, the other missionary (Elder Larsen) jumps back on and the trolly starts going, leaving my comp but i had someone there. oh it was so crazy!! and scary, but I kept talking, and I tried to extend like a meeting with him, or a number, but he kept saying hes a devoted orthodox. so sadly, we got off at the next stop and nothing happened. but I love Elder Larsen, hes so cool. He was like good job! and than we made our way back because we missed our stop by a long short. We were 30 minutes late to the meeting.

So Finlands Fathers day was yesterday, did not know that. Its pretty cool. Everybody was busy, but we still got to teach a couple of our invetigators. In Sacrament meeting we had a primary program. It was really cool. hearing Finnish kids, wow, nothing like a little voice you cant understand..... but it was still great, they sang primary songs I recognised. Well, that was this week, I hope everythings going great, and I love Finland!! Iäve been here six weeks. thats one transfer. and I think soon they are going to be changing the transfer length. But its great to be rockin on here.

        Vanhin Waite

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letter #16

This past week was pretty cool. My companion woke up one day and his back really hurt. So we ended up indoors for two days, but... it was good. We cleaned and did a lot around the apartment. Sunday was probably the busiest, we had two investigators in Church!1 Yes!! and it was fast and testimony meeting, and after our branch president spoke, (he is a great guy! I love him! he is this big guy who is just happy and laughy:)) but he gave his testimony and when he sat down, there was like a 2 minute pause, and that is when he gave us "the eye", and it was so funny, but we ended up giving our testimonies. I told a little story of how we met a guy on the street on Saturday and had a conversation and how it blew his mind that me and my companion have not been in the country a year, let alone 6 months and 5 weeks. its crazy. but I know that I have help from Heavenly Father, and the Spirit knows perfect Finnish. We seek to have the Spirit everyday. I love my little branch. they´re great!!!

So, this week and over the past weeks I really have notice the sacrifice of members here. There is this Sis in the branch who I love, she is the only member of the Church in her family. But she comes every sunday, its about a 40 min drive for her, and we try to meet with her sometimes and she says she is always looking for ways to share the Gospel with her family. She is so amazing, and there are other members that really are alone in life but they hold strong. There are so many wonderful people in the church. And I absolutly LOVE one of the older couples in the ward, they´re both 80 something, but the husband, everytime you shake his hand and say hello he starts laughing and smileing and tries to squeeze your hand off, its SO funny. I love them.
So all saints day was actually on Friday Night, and NOBODY was out on the streets, but here are some cool pictures of the Graveyard in Hämeenlina. It was pretty cool, one of those movie moments, oh, speaking of movie moments, the fog here (pretty cold to ride a bikers through it) is like the movies, its awesome!!! I love it! So this week I am actually going to be in Helsinki, its for my 6 week language training thing and also some leadership training stuff. so... yup, pretty cool. but personally, i love Hämeenlina, its a lot more peaceful and a LOT less dodgy places. if ya know what i mean.
I love you all. I know this Church is true, the more we serve in it, the more you realize oh dang true it is. We have everything. And i´m so grateful to be here. I love Finland and serving a mission. its AWESOME!!! love ya! peace.
Vanhin Waite

These are pretty sweet ones i liked. :)

So, the fog comes a lot, its a pretty reoccurring friend. :)  its cool. Isnt the graveyard sweet? yo! 

This is the morning of the flight, bright and early going to the airport. and also some German Food!! I thought i should take advantage. :)

So these pics are when I arrived in Frankfurt. FIRST PICS IN EUROPE!!