Saturday, January 25, 2014

Letter #73

Dear Family friends and Country Men... RUSSIANS!!! :)(just kidding)
So it is WINTER finally here up north. We went from 3 degrees C all the way down to -10 in one day!!! its fantastic!!! we actually have snow!! im happy.
The snow makes everything so much more brighter and happier. even though is is pretty cold with the humidity and stuff. My companion and I have installed a hitch to our car now, and soon we will have bikes!!! yeah bikes in the cold snow!!! I actually enjoy it, it is a good work out and pretty fun. Pretty sweet stuff.
We are doing good in the missionary work department side of life, potentials, investigators copies of the Book of mormon and all that Jazz. We do a way cool FHE where all the families here in Lohja come to gether for it, happens ounce a month and its sweet!!
Okay, so sad and good news. I found out my departure date as of right now. right now it is JUNE 26. thats right, JUNE 26. I got cut short because of the new mission president coming, they dont like having people leaving like 2 weeks after he gets there. so.... but my mission pressident will be talking to SLC and maybe I will get an extension. but as of right now it is June 26. I think it will change, Idk, its like a 50 50. yo yo.
I love you all and i HOPe you have a great week!! Ilove Finland and the snow!! have fun!!!
Vanhin Waite

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