Saturday, January 25, 2014

Letter #74

dear family.
so this week was really really good, except for the end, i will tell you why, but i love lohja and the mission is great:)
so 2 days ago i climbed some ropes and when I reached the top I slid down them..... but thats a problem because you dont slide down ropes. i got a pretty bad rope burn because of it and had to get some care on it, but EVERYTHING is fine!! im just wearing bandages now.. thats it. :)
We found a couple of investigators and hjad some sweet experiances with othér people. I love it here and I hope everything is going well for all yall
Vanhin Waite
this is a picture of my hands. i learnd how not to come down ropes and not to do that kind of stuff on the mission. :) love you:) kinda stupid i know, but i got to talk to the nurse about religion, turns out she was a jehovah witness, not anymore though... all kinds of doors opened up. :)

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