Sunday, February 16, 2014

Letter #76


This week was really good!!! we met with a ton of people and had some great lessons!! the best part of the week was having one of our rougher around the edges investigator come to church on sunday!!! there was much rejoicing!! yeahhhhhhh!!!! he really enjoyed sacrament meeting and even felt the spirit strong enough to get a little emotional. Pretty sweet for a big Finnish man who works in security. we also met with a family this week. well, just the dad. but it was sad because he wasnt too interested and asked that we dont come back even though the mom really liked us but she was sick the second time so... thats just how that goes. other than that I just relized that I might only have two changes left on my mission. Every 9 weeks is a change and at the end of the 9 weeks we see if we go somewhere else. but I hope that I get to "die" or spend my last 9 weeks here in Lohja. Great place. I lov eyou all and the Book of Mormon is really an amazing book. The bible is kind of a weak testimony of Christ to all the nations but with the Book of Mormon it is a power house. its almost true!!!! haha. I love it!! i love you all and hope you have a very nice friend day. or valentinesday. its called friend day here. haha i lov eyou!!!
Vanhin Waite

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