Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Letter #77

Dear Family
So, to start off, I love Finland for its BEAUTIFUL landscape and trees and nature. The Finns are HUGE outdoors people and I like. I want to be one too!!!!
Go hockey!!! I love the sports Finland loves!!! Hockey is SOO cool!! a little rough but, way sweet!!!
okay, back to missionary work.
So my for sure departure date from Finland is June 26. I have to go home a bit earlier because of the new mission president coming. They dont want missionaries leaving as soon as he gets to Finland so they cut me short. :( Please be at the Airport with all little ones (james thats you) and huggables (mom thats you)!!!! okay any way.
This week was great!!! a couple of the members in lohja prayed that my companion and I would stay in Lohja and their prayer was answered!!! We found an investigator yesterday!! and have met some way sweet potential families. I love talking to people. Hate geting rejected. but that just belongs to the work. We are praying that 1 investigator of ours is baptized next month and that a family is baptized in april.
The members are SO stoaked to have missionaries here in Lohja. They are all praying for missionary work to move forward here so they can start their own branch. That would be so cool. I can totally see it happening.
We had a lesson were a investigating women asked some big questions such as why do men have the Priesthood and about baptism and all that jazz. We didnt resolve her concerns but reminded her that ALL those questions lead back to the divinity of the Book of Mormon. She wasnt really satisfied with that and kinda yueah. but very great spiritual experiance.
I lov eyou all and I pray for you!!!! have fun this week and be safe!!!
Vanhin waite

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