Saturday, August 4, 2012

MTC Life- Letter #3

so... the mtc is great. and i've decided to write in all lower case to bug mom. i love you mom. well just another week in the big apple. the days are going faster now that my first sunday has gone, its majical that way. oh i forgot, on the way to LA i sat down on the plane and talked to this kid, he wanted to know more about the church so i told him. he seemed to know a ton already because he lives in salt lake. but he just had some freakin intense questions like, whats the church standing on abbortion and gays and other stuff and the little things to. but i though it was good. the main thing i was happy about, is that i got him to feel comfortable around me, a little too much cause he told me a lot. but it was freakin sick, and i just gave him a testimony. in english. that was new. :) the language is a killer. i feel myself dying everyday. jk. but i have about as much time as a nurse with a skirt on. its busy. in language class we can only speak finnish but i know the most important words. "cool", "thank you" "How are you?" and "tree". your probably wondering why i know that... its because its fun to say. the word for tree is puu, and you say it like poo, so its fun to say stuff like  puu hugger. tee hee. i love yall and i'm good. just stuff to do people to see and places to be. and thats whats happenen on this side of the valley, i love to hear whats happenin in your neck of the woods.
Friends: thanks for sending letters and packages. yo

Elder Waite

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