Friday, August 17, 2012

Letter #5

Hey Family,

This week, like every week here so far, has been really good. I realized I haven’t told ya about how my weeks go so here we go. Thursdee's are probably the hardest days, I have service at 6:05 ant 19m. We usually clean bathrooms and stuff, but it’s all good, than we go to Breakfast. The food is very good. I am very happy I have food and I don’t have to make it OR clean it up. Then class from 8:50ish to 12:30. We see an occasional mouse run into the drain on the way to our building, haven’t named him yet.... but, then it’s lunch, than class from 2ish to 5:30ish, its not just class all the time, its language study or TALL time. (Technology Aided Language Learning) than dinner, than big surprise, more class. I think its safe to say I spend about 7-9 hours every day in the same 10x20ish room. But, like Rocket Man, I can entertain myself. But it’s been fun, I try to have fun at least and it is yo. :) 

But during class time on Thursday night is TRC! Its so much fun, because we try and teach volunteers from the OUTSIDE WORLD who come in. Way cool huh!! My first thought was... Who speaks Finnish? But it was sick because a very nice elderly lady came in and she said she grew up in FIN and moved here, we also taught a kid who spoke extremely well even though he didn’t serve a mission OR live there, he studied it at BYU, I was impressed. It’s someone different every week and it’s impressive. And fun cause its cool to try and talk. tee hee.

But Friday and Saturday are the same basically. Sunday its cereal in the morning, church meetings, and a SWEET devotional at night, Sunday is my favorite day. All day you study the BOM or conference talks that your family sends you ;) and you just grow in spirituality. It’s my favorite. My favorite part of the MTC is probably the movie night. It’s awesome to have a Devotional and than watch a Mormon movie like Testament of Christ or Legacy or Joe Smith Restoration. During these movies all the stuff you learn in the gospel is presented before your eyes. The pioneers’ sacrifices, what Joseph smith went through so basically, I like it all. Yo.

But Monday is pretty normal. Tuesday is fun because you have class in the morning and devotional at night. Tuesdee is probably my 2nd favorite day. :) :)

But Wed is p day and we go to the temple. Family, next time you go, touch the two pillars just in front of the doors on the right side if you are going IN to the temple. I touch them all the time because I know that people I care about walk by there and I love the thought of seeing ya go in :)

Okay, so about the language, it is SOO COOL. But... its hard. All sentences follow a subject than verb than object. Verbs conjugate to the subjects and objects conjugates to the verbs. The problem is, every verb causes a different kind of case to the object. Like "Loving" someone. You can’t love all of them so you can only love them partatively so you put the partative case on the object. There are no articles. So the, but and about are non-existent except, you put different endings on the word. Like gospel, "evankelliumi" you put "sta" at the end of the word to make it "about the Gospel". Evankelliumista. Yo.

Peace yall. I love ya

Steve: Yo hilariouse GIRL!!! I love ya!!! :) Thank you for writing!!!

Grandma: Happy BIRTHDAY g-ma!!!! I love ya! You shouldn’t give parker those bones. He don’t deserve them :)

Mom: I love you!!! And I miss you. Your very important to me:) :) :) always will be. :) 

Dad: you’re right on with the language. Thanks for writing and I think your learn Finnish better than I am. Keep it up. I love ya

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