Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our First TRC- Letter #4

Sup my Homies down south!! I love ya guys from the top of my heart to half way down. ;) So I started to write down things to say in my emails throughout the week that I think would be good to know for you guys. :) My roommates are freakin fun to be with when we're all together. Two Elders are weird and insecure and immature and one of them insists he's cool, but when I told him marching band wasn’t cool he shut up. jk, I didn’t say that. then there are two Elders who are flippen sweet, and then me and my other companion are kinda in between. So there is us three, (Elders: Waite, McDonald, and Christiansen) than the other trio of Elders: Forsyth, Usevitch, and Burrly. Burrly and Usevicth are from Arizona and they’re the cool ones. The other is from Canada and will frequently let you know... yo. But its fun cuz we even each other out a lot. Usevitch reminds me of Uncle Brent. He's 6' 5" and freakin funny. 

My investigators' names are, Nilo and Andrew, and than Jiaqi. Andrew is my favorite, he’s English speaking. This week I had a meal that was all meat, and some veggie. Which leads me to say I will not disclose if I have lost or gained weight until I leave, so.... yo. :) 

We had our first TRC this week, I was WAY scared at first. But when we walked in it just all seemed to be chill. The first guy we talked to told us he got back from our mission 7 months ago and after that, we basically just had a cute conversation and he bore his testimony and... we didn’t teach much. We heard about it later from our teacher that we are suppose to teach but, when your passing the conversation ball like Mom told me to do you just cant stop the magic that happens. :) Especially if it’s not English. But we wont do it again. Yo. 

But before we got chewed out we had another "lesson" to teach. It was a little lady and she was way nice so it was fun. She totally reminded me of Jessica, petite, neat and pretty, especially with how fast she talked, scoosh boosh lamouush. It didn't sound like that but ya know what I mean. Except she was short. And turns out she went to our mission too. So it was fun. :) That’s about it. Thanks for listening and tune in next week for another edition of "What’s happening at the MTC nearest YOU." ha yo

Mom: I love you. How are you? You seem busy and how are your teeth? Thank you so much for the FHE lesson, you always got my back don’t ya, cuz I needed it. Thank You SOO much for the package, Cinnamon rolls that I ate, thanks for the suit and note. I love you and I am very glad you’re being taken care of. I teared up when I read your note, I miss you and love you.

Elder Waite

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