Friday, October 12, 2012

Letter #12

Terve Perheeni!!!
(hello my family)

Mitä kuulu?? hyvää kuulu toivotavasti koska se on mahtava täällä Suomessa!
(hows it going? good hopefully, because it is awesome here in Finland!)

          Well, i am here, it is very beautiful here, very green and lakes everywhere! in the mornings there is steem/mist that hovers over the lakes and floats along and the trees are everywhere and very green. So, I am serving in Hämeenlina, i live on lukionkatu, thats the street, and im not really sure what else, but..... ill get back to you later on that. yo.

So last monday morning got up at 2 and booked it to the bus thing. had a nice last time in Utah drive up to the airport, saw tons of sweet temples, in the Airport talked to dad, thanks dad, than we left SLC, for Chicago, and I tottally past Out i was so tired on that flight. haha, than we arrived in Chicago, it wasnt the wee hours of morning, but... there were alot of ihmisia, (people) Chicago was sweet, "da BEARS" and i tottally met Bro... NOO i tottally spaced his name, sorry... but i thought to my self "what the... this is AWESOME!! what are the chances of seeing you in CHICAGO!" it was way fun. talked to mom!!! thanks mom, :)but we left chicago to Frankfurt and it didnt even seem like a long flight, maybe between the trying to understand the German, or sleeping, or looking around like I´ve never seen Europeans before... oh wait it was! haha, So we should Totally fly with Luftansa if we fly to Europe, they´re freakin sweet and funny, they are awesome because they gave us dinner And breakfast!! before each one they gave out hot towel things sayin "you want hot towel?":) i liked the towel too, a delightful sensation. but all in all i liked the flight yo yo yo

So than on the plane ride to Finland I sat next to a very good guy Jim, he was from canada and going to Helsinki for a hockey match thing with a bunch of guys, and at the end of the flight, i gave him a Book of Mormon, and he took it!!! i hope he reads it. but this part was funny, we get off the plane, (me and my mtc lads, companions and sisters) and we wait, and finally get our luggage, and the moment we walk out side we hear "Tervetuloa Suomeen!" (welcome to Finland(thats one of my favorite words to say, tervetuloa)) and its our Mission President his wife and the aps! but what was funny, and i only relized it later, we all just kinda stood there and smiled and hugged him all kinda were in "what is happening?" mode, ya know what i mean? i thought it was funny. but then they drove us around Helsinki, and on the drive my companions fell asleep, even though it was 20 min drive, i was impressed. They took us to the Temple to walk around it and take pics, than just did alot of paperwork. but we surrvived the day and ate a VERY good dinner at the Presidents house, had an interview with him that was super cool and than went to bed downstairs, amognst the skeletons.... jk haha,

than i woke up..........................

twelve hours later

but it was okay, President Rawlings told us to sleep in. yo yo. So for breakfast, oh and at dinner, we had some of this bread that Fins make, and they call break bread, its way good but they have it on a plate thing in the midle of the table but you dont cut yourself a piece, you just reach over and break off some with your hand, my kinda food, Who NEEDS silverwear?? i know i know, make fun of my spelling why dont you. but its really good soft bread. yo yo.

So we went to a church nearby and thats where i found out my companion is Elder Anderton, he is from Washington and he has been in the field for 5 months and about 5 foot 6. very nice and up beat guy, we`re pretty ballin yhdessä(together), but we are in Hämeenlina, it means Häm`s castle or the castle of Hämen, same diff, but the Castle is totally AWESOME! but i didnt get any pictures, :( yet.. :)  our branch is pretty small, but I found out like yesterday, and from notes in the apartment and people here that this area the missionaries were taken out of and than 7 months ago missionaries came back, I thought that was cool.

So, our second day in Hämeenlina we were paying for our bikes, (oh yeah, I will be using a bike and playing chicken with any semi and car i see.... jk but i got a bike and didnt have the cash to pay the nice old man but he just said pay tommorrow, which was great, because both of us owed him some and didnt have anything. yo but we asked to share a message with him and he said sure but tommorrow.) so we came back to pay for the bike and than we got talking, (or my comp could carry the conversation and i just tried to pick out what he was saying) and than he invited us to the back of his shop. His shop is very poorly light, theres about 30 bikes total and all look used, they probably wouldnt get very much on ebay and it looked like, the bikes and the store and him looked like it has been through some hard times. but we totally had a first discussion with him in the back of his shop. it was really cool. and at the end he said "täytyy tutkjaa", i must investigate. :) really cool. but it was cool because this was the shop that missionaries have been coming to for a while and we just asked him can we share a message with him and he said sure. and we we`re like, "Hey, sounds good." :)

I thought Generel Conference was AWESOME!!! I loved it! I got to go now but i love the talks in general conference, and it is very brisk and chilly here, and here are some pics i have. i love you and thanks for being awesome!!! its all good on this side of the World and i hope things are going great there, sounds like it is. yo. have fun! love ya

love Vanhin Waite

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