Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter #13

Tervetuloa Suomeen!!!  (welcome to Finland!)

Week two in the big blue is gone!! yo yo, so its really funny to talk to Fins, in the States i thought it was hard to start up conversation to strangers, and now Im tryin to do it in another language, its crazy. Mutta Suomolaiset ovat tosi tosi mukava! (But, Finns are really really nice) The wheather is pretty sweet, it stays around 5 to 10 degrees C, but than drops to 0 at nights, but its so cool because lately, me and my new companion (Elder Anderton, hes a boss, really just a smiley person, great cook very positive, yo) go running in the mornings, and the temp is still, 3 degrees, and no wind, its Awesome!
So our bikes have been giving us problems, its funny because my back wheel tire broke, but its okay, the awesome guy we bought the bikes from fixes them for free. oh and im not allow to tell my invetigators names to you.... kind of secrative out here..... dun Dun DUUN!! yo. but its all chill. so.. this week we got 7 new investigators!! I know Right! but before you get your hopes up mom saying "My babys Baptising Finland!", cause I am!! yo yo. one of them was high and five of them were from Nepal the last one is just really awesome! Minulla on toivo ja usko, ja meillä on Poljon Usko totta kai!! (i have hope and faith, and we have lots of faith of coarse!!)
Okay, now the people are probably the hardest anythings I´ve ever tried to understand! some of the things they say directly translations make no sense, the best was "Kiire on" which means "busy/rush is", people usually say "mulla on kiire" which just means "I am busy" or "I have a rush" or i just dont want to talk to you go leave me alone.jk it doesnt mean that but basically. I thought it was funny. so spoken Finnish is a bit different, okay its alot different but its kinda comeing. but its great. Great times out here. i love it! I hope everythings going good! I love you all!

Isnt it beutiful. yo. this is at the temple in Helsinki. but its pretty much the same here.

 Terve! and another view from the window. yo

 this is the Pizza me and Elder Anberton made, it was way good, it was basically chicken alfreado with tomatos and chees on top. yo

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