Thursday, October 25, 2012

Letter #14

Terve Perheni!!

Wow!! so much is happening!! I feel like everything and the sky is happening at home. wow, I hope everyones awesome, I havent read last weeks emails, so Im a little behind... but... I love you all. I miss ya totta kai(of coarse) but its still awsome out here! Hämeenlina has a CASTLE!!! I havent had time to go anywhere though, pretty busy here and it seems and feels like I never ge caught up on anything. (Funny how this feeling sounds familiar..... love you mom) jk jk, but now I know how you feel. Im sorry I didnt help much in my previous life. Mom, I have always apreciated your cooking and I want you to know that. yo.

Wow, the parker pictures and you guys were awesome!! I had no idea who you all were until you started kissing!!! :) I was like "who are these people? I dont know... wait a minute, Yup I know them now!" only after seeing the kissing, than I knew it was my family, I love you all. but I think parker was better with the halloween cape on, a little less happy, just the way we like him. Jk.

Okay, so this week was way good and some sad things but its awesome. So we have totally been teaching most of our lessons in English, it just happens that most of our investigators are not even Finns. A little ironic but hey, we have two families were teaching, one of them we teach in Finnish, but its so hard because Finnish is Not their native language and they are more comfortable in Finnish than English. So we try, and its going good. We are getting there. So we had the chance to go to another little churches little gathering because they thought it was awesome that us younge folk were preaching about Christ, it awesome because they did their singin and praising stuff which was really cool. and Than Elder Walker and I, (We were on exchanges with a near by city Tampere, he is cool yo, Everyone is. yo yo) but we just did a presintation of the restoration, more like just told everything in it. Pretty slowly and clearly because every sentence was translated in some language I forget.... But it was cool. At the end we had them sign up if they wanted a BOM and us to visit and we got 5 potentials now. pretty sweet in this neighborhood. yo yo

So in Church on Sunday, it was Hilarious. Im sitting by an Investigator and i notice in the front row, of our tiny little church building,(Not a chapel) and our small little branch, (little more than 20 total) these kids were doing something with colors and paper. And I love Church meetings, even when you have no idea what the topic is, I feel the Spirit there and after church I just feel like "Alright, lets get this bad boy DONE!!" Its definately great. but I look at these kids, two boys and one girl, and something happened where, one of the boys might of took a color to use, but this girl just gets that "Im about to have a fit" face and than she just goes off in rapid Finnish!! I was laughing and crying inside, heres this girl, whose about 3 years old, and shes yackin off AWESOME FINNISH!!! I LOVE IT. its so cool. I just thought. yup, thats how it goes. I thought it was way funny, and way cool.

So, I had Dinner with an older couple in our branch, it was WAY GOOD! in all reality though it just remainded me of home. but WOW! there was these little meet chuncks with onions and stuff, kinda soupy but we ate it with potatoes. it was REALLY good. And i learned alot from eating with them. and you know you are in the right mission when you find out, when it is custom to have dessert. they always have it. when i heard that i thought "SCORE!", its awesome. I love FINLAND!

So, I had to send the classic food pictures of what Im eating and stuff, its because Im so happy that I MADE IT!. its awesome, at least to me. No niin. Its been way fun with the bikes and all. it seems like everyweek we go back to the place we bought them from. Hes good guy, and he fixes them for free. The wheather is starting to be a bit chilly. But I like it so far. every morning its cloudy, and whats weird is that I think the mournings are warmer than the day. I think it is because of the clouds that do their little rain business during the night. This week was really good. I love this work, its addicting, but oh is it hard. Especially with all the household stuff, its business i tell you. i tell you what. yo

I love you all, and I know my testimony of the church has grown so much. You cant get much more of a growing experiance than standing up for what you believe. And everyday its a challenge, blessing, and honor to go to people as a representetive of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love this Gospel and the difference it makes in our lives. I thought my life, or challenges in America was hard, some of these people live lives that are, wow. Its amazing the love you can have for people. I love you all a pray for ya.

               Vanhin Waite

This is a pic of the castle, its 630 in the mourning, because we just ran out to it. but its lagit.

I cant remember if you got this one, but its an AWESOME pizza we created. yo yo

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