Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letter #30

My dear Family and Friends, (and other acquaintances)

Wow what a week. So this week was way busy. Tuesday night me and Elder Anderton went to Helsinki, then in the morning Elder Christiansen and I went around Helsinki by ourselves and then got on a 5 hour train ride north to my new city, JOENSUU!! The apartment is way nice, I still haven´t unpacked everything yet but thats okay, its amazing how
much books I have. The weather here is strangely warm. There are lots of storms and I think it has rained or snowed everyday here. Pretty sweet weather.

On Friday I had my first District meeting. It was way fun! We played a get to know you game and had a spiritual thought. We have 4 missionary companions includeing us and 1 senior missionary couple. Its kinda big! :) Pretty fun stuff. but sense we are in the North we are SO spread out from each other. It takes a little over two hour travel time to get to one city where we usually do district meetings. Its crazy. But we are rockin it up. :)

One cool experiance we had with a member was when we shared a thought and a scripture with a elderly lady. We did it just at her door and she loved it. We told her we would like to sing to a hym. And immediately she just walked right passed us and to her neighbors door. The neighbor answered and said she was doing the dishs and didnt have
time. But our member insisted that she come and listen to these boys sing. So, we sang a hymn and both of the ladies liked it so much that they wanted us to sing a Finnish hym, that we dont know because its a genuine Finnish older song. So we apologized but what was awesome is this members enthusiasm to get her neighbors involved. And that is what we are trying to do is have the members help us share the gospel that we all love. Its great!

I love being here and I love hearing from all of you! I know the Book of Mormon is truely the word of God and that he loves us. It is amazing how the Spirit speaks so much more powerfully from the pages of that book than from any of the words we say. It truely is a treasure in my life. I love you and I hope life goes great. (especially from reading this, because I know your lives all revolve around my emails.... jk;)

Vanhin Waite

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