Saturday, February 23, 2013

Letter #31

Dear Family,

Talk about a WEEK!! We had a zone meeting and a district meeting all in the same week. Dont do this, it takes 3 days and a Pday away from the work in your city!! (If any of you were thinking about doing this, rethink, and pray) But it was WAY fun. So I did splits with the Zone Leaders on tuesay in Oulu. Now I can say I have served in Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Joensuu and Oulu. Pretty sweet stuff.

Our District meeting on Friday was with President Rawlings in Kuopio. He is an inspired man. We talked about how the work is progressing so fast in Europe, and about how many missionaries will be comeing into Finland over the next few weeks. Its crazy!! And I am way excited. We talked about how important members help in the work is, and without them we go no where. It is so true. Gosh, this work is AWESOME!!!

Our Mission President has been counciling us as missionaries to pray always and to search for the children of God who will listen. The lord has said "My sheep, hear my voice." and so he has asked us to pray always in our hearts and minds to find people who are ready. It also says in the scriptures to pray always unto the Father. So, we did this, and it was the best day ever. We humbly prayed and I kept asking in my head "How can I show Gods love for this person?" right before I
went to talk to them. And we had a great day, and got 7 lessons. UNHEARD OF!!! And I have also come to notice that I feel closer by praying all the time.

I love being on a mission. Being a District leader over other Elders who are all older than me save 1, is really humbling. But the Lord has continued to bless me. And I am very greatful for this oppertunity to serve. There is no place, I would rather be.

I love you,
Vanhin Waite

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