Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter #29- Wow! What a week!

What a WEEK!!!

Dear Family and Friends and the dog

                This is the week of changes and happenings! Gahl,
so... On Tuesday last week we went to a progressing investigators house (that's right, progressing) and he had some friends over. It turns out that both of these friends are not a very good influence on our investigator. One of them asked us rather loudly "Why on EARTH would two beautiful guys like you be doing in Finland! How old are you.... I don't believe it, with brown eyes like yours you could get any girl in Finland!...." and he kept saying stuff and than asked us why, and we told him that we wanted to serve and he would NOT believe it. He kept saying "who forced you?" and "What do you get out of this stuff.." So, it was a pretty scary/funny lesson because he was big and had a deep, and cool voice. OH, another scary thing, he offered me alcohol! He was like "You want a taste of Finland...." and he put it in my hand. So I drank it right up!! :) JK JK JK!! I did not!! I was scared though and so I said a prayer in my heart and the coolest feeling of power came over me, and I told him "No, I don't drink that,
and I wont drink it.... I don't put that kind of stuff in my temple!!" I didn't say that last part BUT its TRUE!! Wow it was a testimony builder to me that this gospel free´s us rather than binds us. And I am SOO grateful for the Spirit and the power it has to offer to us if we but ask. I loved it. I love being a Missionary and knowing that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and gave me my family who prays for me. I need it.

Oh, So to mix things up A TON!!! so as you all know I am in my 3rd change as a missionary and last change I finished training. But this change I stayed in Hämeenlinna with my trainer Elder Anderton. What a awesome and hilarious guy! So on Thursday we had change calls. Where the President calls and tells you where you are going if there is a change in the companionship. He called us and he told me that I am
leaving to Joensuu!!! Its in the North Zone and I will be District leader!!! AHH!! I am excited and I also have no idea what to do. Oh but what is also way cool is that I will be with my MTC companion, Elder Christiansen AGAIN!! I cant believe it!! ITs GOING TO BE SWEET!!! oh I am going to need a lot of help. Please Pray for me if you are reading this. Joensuu means "the mouth of the river" but in Finnish you switch things up a bit because you can and it is one word.
It comes from "joke" meaning river, and "suu" meaning mouth. To make it a river´s mouth, it becomes "Joen suu" but for the city just slap them together. IDK I said all this but, ISN'T that COOL!! And my Trainer stays in Hämeenlinna to train again and he is now District leader here. Its so cool whats happenin here!! :)

Sunday was the best day ever!! We had 5 people in Church that are basically investigators. It was awesome to see a whole row of people who are new there. And the first person I ever taught in Finnish finally came to church. It was my last Sunday with this ward and I love them to DEATH!! Me and Elder Anderton sang "Lead Kindly Light" in Finnish and then I gave my testimony telling everyone that I was leaving. I said that I will always remember them because they are my first ward and that I love them. OH, and 1 of our investigators is a
MASTER pianist and we asked him if he could play the piano for us. And he did, but, he is a master kind of in the Jazzier sense. So he added all kinds of notes and it was beautiful and loud. and You all should have seen the faces of the older crowd in the congregation. They didn't like it too much. lets just say that "Jesus of Nazareth Savior and king" the sacrament of song was really up beat. Oh, and our branch
president changed the last song because I was leaving to "God be with you till we meet again." we sang it WAY fast and it was really cool and everybody stood up. Gahl I love this ward. I love our Branch President a lot. He is SO funny and happy and Christ like. Perfect ingrediants of an amazing Branch President. Gosh I will miss Hämeenlinna.

I love you and I know this is God´s work. I love being here and serving a Mission. There is Nothing like it. I recently watched a baptism and it was soo special. I feel that as a Missionary you are more in tune with the Spirit, and when people say, "The spirit was strong" as a missionary your saying "Are you kidding? It was WAY STRONG!!! I almost burned up it was soo strong." If that makes sense. And watching the Baptism it was so cool. It was a missionary who did the baptizing and it also was his last Saturday in the country. He was my district leader and Zone Leader and wow, what an example he is too me. I love the guy. Well that's about all I have to blabber about. I love this work. And if I didn't make sense.... sorry. But wow life is just great.

Vanhin Waite

Jayden Rucker- Thank you for the Up-date!! It is SOO crazy how much
stuff is going on!! I love you and keep hanging in there.

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