Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter #51

Dear Family
This week was pretty good. I took a lot of AWESOME pictures!!! Great district meeting and great 4th and also just a great week. I love life. :) :) :)
So on Wednesday we had district meeting. It went from 10 till 4 in the afternoon. President was there. which explains the length. But it was WAY worth it. I saw the mission president broadcast thing and wow, I loved It!!! its on so everyone should watch it. :) And then Thursday was the 4th, and..... I bought some hamburger stuff to make with my companion. He didnt know that is was all for that but we had a HUGE lunch. I put all my favorite hamburger stuff together, so lets just say... it wasnt healthy. Bacon, hamburger, hot dog and fried onions. WAY GOOD!!! anyway.
We had our really cool investigator from Nigeria move back to Nigeria this week. :( It was unexpected but he was way cool and told us in person that he was leaving and he really valued what we had talked about with him. Very cool guy. :) We also found 2 other guys from the Africa area and they both have baptismal dates. WAY cool!!!
So some members in our ward here have taken us twice out to pick strawberries with them. SOO cool. So growing season is short here and they invited us the first time to go pick strawberries with them, they thought it was fun and so did we so we did it again!!! I love members!!!
I am very greatful to be on a mission. Exactly this time last year I was just about to go into the MTC and I only knew one word. Suomi. But almost a year out and a WHOLE bunch of Testimony growing experiances I love EVERYTHING about a mission. Its amazing to me to speak to these wonderful people on the phone, or have them whisper stuff and I can understand. I know the Lord helps those who ask and seek. I am greatful for this gospel and the life that I have. Thank you for your prayers, love and support. I love you all and have Fun!!!!
Vanhin Waite

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