Thursday, July 25, 2013

Letter #53

I love you all this week!!1 just this week though. JUST KIDDING!!! haha. this week was great!!! We worked way hard and have seen the blessings of the Lord. I love missionary work and I am greatful for these experiance.
We tried so hard to get a ton of people to church this week and only one of them came. I was extreamly greatful for the one but it really stinks when people pull a no show. It hurts because the Church can really help them. and they NEED it. I love learning about the Savior and his love for us.
This week we have been getting a ton of anti mormon and anti God stuff. but i have felt the Spirit so strongly this week it was amazing to testify against all of it. Who knew that bearing the storms of the adversary after laying a foundation like in Helaman 5:12 would be fun. But this week was really cool and I loved it.
The wheather is getting cooler and cooler. at least in the north. Not too much of a happy sign but.... I like it. I love this work and I am very greatful for Joeseph Smith. Praise to the man!! I love the JST of the bible. it makes it a lot better and simpiler. I have begun reading ALL the standerd works of the CHurch. pretty excitting.
I love you all and have fun!!!
Vanhin Waite

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