Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #62

Dear family

This last week was a good one!! I love life so every week is a good one. But we had some pretty sweet lessons. Right now we have 3 investigators and 2 are a married couple. The other is a way sweet guy from Nigeria.

It really is awesome to see the change and light the gospel brings to peoples lives. THis married couple has been married for about 8 years and both were heavily addicted to tabaco, alcohol and other drugs. We had a lesson and we told them that they need to be "dry" for us to keep coming by. Slowly and surly there apartment has changed. The guy has been off alcohol for 3 days and they are progressing quite nicely. :)
Conference is amazing to learn from and even better to live later. Our only other investigator said he loved conference and he knows that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ. He believes the Book of Mormon to be scripture and really likes it. 

My companion and I have been watching some church videos before we go to sleep. It is WAY fun!! but, sense our movie library is so extensive we tend to watch the same movies over, but at least we got other languages to listen to. haha.

I love this gospel and I learn more EVERYDAY!!! I love the Bible Dictionary. We really do have SO much scripture to study. I also LOVE Jesus the Christ. I am reading my 4th time the Book of Mormon on my mission and it is getting better ya better. I know that this church is true and I am grateful to be a part of all your lives. You mean a lot and I love you!!

Vanhin Waite

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