Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #61

Dear Family

Thank you for your love and support!! I love you all and I am very grateful for you!!! Last week was a little short so this week I will try and make up for it. 

My companion felt a bit sick this week, so this week was a little slow. But I also have realized how much I have learned about the scriptures. They are awesome!!! I think Moroni is a great example to everyone. Commander and chief at like 25, war ended and he retired at age 42, and then died the next year. He saw a ton of war and yet was faithful to the gospel the whole time. What a sweet example.

The more I teach people the more I am convinced that the teacher learns more than the student. In our lessons this week i have had so many light-bulb moments. Its funny. We had most of our investigators dropped or moved away this week. A few weeks ago we had 12 investigators with a few having baptismal dates. But, just goes to show the ups and downs of life.

I hope everyone is doing great!! it has gotten extremely cold lately. its like 36 or 39 degrees here. I also realized that I miss the extreme heat. I feel like I didn't get that this year, I miss those 90 degree. 

I love you all and I hope everything goes well. Thank you for your love and support!!!!
Vanhin Waite

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