Saturday, November 2, 2013

Letter #63

Dear Family

This week was pretty good. We didnt find anybody new to teach this week but had some pretty good success every where. We had 4 non people/investigators come to our small half rented building chapel to watch general conference. 3 were investigators and 1 was a former investigator. they all LOVEd it!! It was awesome for me to see that, there was a total of 11 people in this tiny building and 4 of them were not members. we watched it in english in one room and finnish in the other. 

I had a learning experience during this conference time. The hardest thing I think for investigators in Finland is to have them believe it is worth trying or coming. We find people to teach, but having them act on that knowledge is a bit different. So lots of people come close to baptism but, dont quite make it up to snuff. 

So we have been working with this wonderful couple that wants to change their lives from the alcholo and drugs to a better. We have been teaching them the Gospel and the they wanted to come see General Conference. So we biked with them only to arrive at the church building 20 minutes early and nobody was there. the technology wasnt set up, and since 2 of the four investigators that showed were women, everyone else that were coming were men, naturally one of the women asked if there would be coming other sisters. So, me being kind of a perfectionist at this point, was freaking out on the inside. we found out that a ward sister WAS coming(I was VERY grateful, I told her so) and although the whole thing didnt look as "professional" as I would have liked, because I thought the branch would have been, a little more "on the ball" you might was perfect. I felt that way because on the inside "do they want to grow more in membership?" "Do they want a bigger branch?"  BUT!!! Those thoughts and feelings dont help at all. Besides,  Conference was great!! I only relized during conference that my frustration on the inside was not what the Savior wants. I know this story sounds "dramatic2 and not too organized. but long story short there was a time were I felt like "freaking out" or "crying" and I know now they are one and the same. Conference was AWESOME because the Spirit made up for it, and I know now my freaking out on the inside was only doubting the power of the Spirit in testifying of the truth.

After all that, I do want you to know I NEVER freaked out openly. But to say it wasnt stressful for me on the inside would be a lie. I wanted to share that amazing and personal experiance with you because I know that the Gospel is true. A Investigator afterward said it was amazing and loved the music. All of the investigators loved it. I LOVE CONFERENCE!!!!
Until next time on:Dramatic personal insights of the Missionary Elder Waite!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!! I love this work and lets all APPLY and LIVE conference. 
Vanhin Waite 

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