Saturday, November 2, 2013

Letter #64

Dear Family

Okay, I have to be fast but I am ALIVE!!! no worries there. We had change calls this last week and I got shipped out of my city after only 18 weeks. I love you all and life is great!!

So, last Saturday we got the change calls and I was to leave Kajaani and go to Espoo which is all the way down south in Helsinki right next to the Temple!! I am very excited!! But after we got the information we met with a member in Kajaani, told him the news and he said "your going to Espoo? Really? I am too!! but for the Temple!! Can I give you a ride???" So I made a few calls and turns out it was okay, but he left on Monday. Which is our P-day, so I didnt get a  chance to write then, but better late than never. It was a long car ride but I learned a TON of Finnish. man, it was a 6 hour language study. my head hurt. haha   But all in all, WAY busy and I got here and were running. Big city traffic and everything. :)

I hope everything is going well in the world. Life here is hektic and AWESOME!!  I love this work! But before I left Kajaani we had a real sweet lesson with our investigator who said he would like to be baptized within the month. So I hope it goes through. He knows the Bom is true and the word of God. This is also the same investigator who told us the first time he met us was "I was born a Catholic, I will die a Catholic."  :) I love the Gospel.

So now I am actually in a real ward. This is my 4th area, and my whole mission I have loved and enjoyed small little branches with 2 hour church. My last branch had 40 people with 17 or 19 active. WAY FUN!!! I loved it. But now I am in a ward of 350 with about 130 active. big difference. I love this gospel though. The Spirit is the same. I got to go but I write next time.

My new comps name is Elder Crofts. He is from Pleasent Grove. so I am getting around Utah county still. haha, I love you all and I wish you the best week!! have fun!!! 

Vanhin Waite

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