Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter #66

Dear Family! 

This last week was great!!! Our friend was baptized and what an experiance!! It is definately late fall here and I am excited for the Holidays!!

We were extreamly busy last week, and one cool part was a potential we tried. SO the cool thing about Finland is if you drive just 5 or 10 min in any direction away for the city, your in the middle of the forest. ANd this refferal lived out in the middle of no where. long story short, we couldnt get our car through one of the dirt roads, and had to walk, but... we didnt know we would have had to walk almost 2 kilometers and it was raining, pretty hard. it was dark and we find this address but no house. in the middle of the field and all there is, is a mail box just sitting in the middle of nowhere. then we looked around and our first thought was no way, was this somebody sick but quite funny joke to get the missionaries to come all the way out there but then we see it.... on this hill about a 100 yards on the other side, embedded into a bank of trees slightly concealing it was a enormous manor. we were like, no way. so we went up there, soaked and cold and miracualy got inside!!! pretty funny experiance and we loved it.

But our friend got baptized this saturday!! i gave the Holy Ghost talk. Man, this guy is amazing!! 

it gets dark around here at about 4 30 and now it is getting pretty cold. No snow yet, and I always think this is the most miserable time without snow but, we´re still having fun. I am excited for the holidays and I love you all!! have fun and be safe!!

Rakastan teitä!!

Rakkaudella Vanhin Waite

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