Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter #78

Dear family
This week was okay. But Finland beat USA in HOCKEY!!!! YES!!!!! thats what I am talking about. So we lost/dropped three investigators this week and because it was a skiing vacation not very many people were home. But the weather out here is awesome for february. It feels like spring.
So we were tracting and a drunk guy answers the door in just his grey small briefs. He was  a older gentleman and he let us inside. Well lets just say it didnt go too long because ounce we got in the guy talked to my fairly new companion all drunderly and Elder Hunter didnt feel right about the situation and he said "Im out of here" in english and shut the door behind him really fast. So I was like "so we have to go right now, but we´ll come back and talk about your dead wife and life another time when your all clear." (because we did get to know a little bit about him) He didnt want us to come back he wanted us to talk right then. But I left and it was a great learning experiance and also way funny. 
I am grateful for my mission. It truley is the refiners fire. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon because we also went to a baptist church this week and they we´re all "GO BIBLE!!" and very interesting meeting. When we sat down in the meeting I heard a couple people behind us mention "mormons...". I am grateful for the restored Gospel and the chance to share it. I love this church. 
Have fun this weeka nd be safe!!! 
Vanhin Waite

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