Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Letter #91

Dear Family
Well, we are entering in on my last full week as a missionary. And boy is it exciting. So like on Friday, Saturday and Sunday its a National Holiday where lots of people get drunk. So basically, I will be clockin out early!!! JUST KIDDING!!!
The weather last week was crazy!! We started the week with a slight chance of rain and a new companion and guess what?? they both came to pass!!!! (I´ve read the BOM a lot:) My new and last and 12th companion is Elder Bunker from St.George. Way cool guy!!!!
Cool experiance, we had 3 non members show up to church and 2 came with our help. :) Spiritual moment of the week was a 8 hour Zone Meeting we had. my last. Way cool.
I love you all and next weeks letter/email will be really short.

Not that I have been any good at writing long and descriptive, spiritually detailed, love inspiring, and uplifiting emails any way. I just wanted to let yall know whats going down next week.
IM COMING HOME!!!!! (Houston, we have lift off!!!!)
Vanhin Waite 

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