Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Letter #88

Dear Family
So, this week was really great!!! i must confess it felt like it was the Longest week ever but I dont know why. It feels for ever ago that I talked with yall on skype!!
Well, we had some REALLY great lessons with our Baptismal canidate. she loves the Gospel and the Ward. Among a lot of the really amazing responses she gave to the question we asked her Why do you want to be baptized, she said that she wants to "belong to a group where she knows she belongs." and i thought how true that is of ALL Gods children who by spiritual birth belong to His Eternal Ideal Home for their happiness.
I love this work and I am very excited for the chance I have to be here and love the Finnish people. I love Finland!! I think Springs and Summers are great when the warmth of Summer melts the depressing darks of Winter to the shady corners of the world. Nothing better than to have a hard time sleeping only because the sun has chosen to shine on you in the middle of the night when its light never reaches another poor soul down below. BUt, thats life. hahaa

I lvoe you all and I hope you have a great Week!!!! i have 5 more weeks and a bit of days left. not that anyone is counting or somehting(aparently I am friends!!) have fun and feel the Spirit!!! Learn with "Eyes, ears, minds and Hearts!!!" i know that God loves us all!!! no matter what happens. I love this Gospel and I love you!! if you dont feel it, know it or any doubt of the sort, please write me a hand letter and I will talk about that with you. if not, a hand written letter wont be underappreciated!!! (double negative) love ya!!
Rakkaudella Vanhin Waite 

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