Sunday, September 30, 2012

Letter #10-Last Letter in the MTC

Hi yall!!!
K this has to be fast. Thank you mom for the CINAMON ROLLS!!! Thanks Jessica for the COOKIES!! Thanks Natalie and Rhett for the PULL UP BAR!!!! and doughnuts!!!! I love you all and it sounds like things are happenin down south!! yo yo. I hope work and chilling is good!! earlier this week I had one of the Elders that are from Finland ask me, so How many cases are in Finnish? I thought it was funny, because after he walked away he just called back "I dont know how much there are, I just speak it!" oh the ease of the native, lucky. So my companion had to visit a dentist, it was pretty sad and I went with him. He has to get a root canal. but the drive out of the MTC was fun!, I saw kneaders and University, and Lavel Edwards and Sherelys! I though all yall and I love ya. Thank you for the Belt too mom and All that you do!!! Thank you and Jessica for the I pod. Im sorry that this is so unorganized and not very good, but today has been really busy and I love you, but I dont have time for much.
So much is happening and I dont have time to write back. I love you all and that sounds great!! Im REALLY really happy lifes good!!! i love you. yo.

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