Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letter #9

Sup Family!!!
yo yo yo it sounds like yall are having a Great time!!! sorry I dont have much time, but Thank you so much Natalie and Rhett and Meghan and especially momma!!!! I love yall tosi tosi tosi paljon!!!! so tama viiko oli tosi hyva, this week was really good, i learned more or the language and it is coming along. a little. but its okay, this week two things are going down, 1) Im not allowed to speak english, its kinda fun, I dont like english very much anymore but its not like im any good at Finnish, but...... its still fun. good challenge yo!!!:) and also, kind of a bumber, we got kicked out of our residence room, they need the beds for something but they moved us down stairs, it stinks because now we are not with the estonian missionaries, they were Awesome!! the really built guy in the pictures, is Elder Usevitch going to Estonia, He is hilarious and fun to work out with in the mornings. yo yo. I learned alot of things this week, it happens ocasionally, yo. but what i though was cool, is that I represent Jesus Christ and His Church, and that I have the same purpose of Apostles, but something cool that I came up with is, all who were baptized, and take the name of Christ, we all represent Him, you dont need a badge for that, I thought that was cool. I saw two people this week, Bro Mendenhall and Natalie Hickey!!! it was crazy to see them, way fun, I also saw bro Phair a few weeks ago, that was cool. But..... lifes good, just serving working and lovin. Please feast on the BOM, we had some amazing talks about it from some cool 70s. I hope you enjoy the pictures, the tongon elders were just freakin sweet elders, good friends. the pictures also had, my district and the older fins, and ya, yo. I love you all and i have to go. sorry.

Rakauksen kanssa, Vanhin Waite

Meghan- THank YOU So much for your package!! its lagit and I love It!!! thank you for taking the time!! Your awesome and I hope life is good.

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