Sunday, September 9, 2012

Letter #7

SUP Family,
So this week has been pretty good. we had TRC on thursday and it was great as usual. the two sweet elderly sisters came, they speak so quietly but its awesome to be with them. they have amazing testimonies and this time we taught how to recieve personal revelation through Chruch attendence. we shared our favorite hyms cuz hyms ya know bring the spirit. :) Sunday is always good, study time, luch, church meetings, study time and MORE study time!! I love IT! i really do, its weird. so on TALL, its this electronic system thing that helps us learn the language, but it has like a TON of words and phrases, i usually study phrases, and i have some personal favorites. there is one i rap to, and its so cool, its "sammeko tulla takaisin jonakin toisena paivana." it means "may we come back some other day" but its SO fun to say fast. tee hee. i say it all the time. i also know some other fun phrases and i singing them/ loudly chant them in the shower, especially the baptismal comitment, and since no one can understand, they think im just jibbering. but its fun to tell them afterwords what i was saying:) keepin it real. oh and the sadest thing ever, we had our first investigator drop us.... it was sad, even though it is just our teacher playing the investigator, it hurt, to feel like someone is understanding ABOUT the gospel, but not seeing why its important was hard. She was totally right because we werent teaching it the best way, we didnt relate it to her and its importance. but i Love my teachers. It is so much fun here. "mostly ups, out number the downs, but only in the MTC." thats off Robin hood yall. okay well, i'm having fun and its awesome! the spirit is so strong here, and i love the devotionals too cause we all sing together some songs and its just lagit. Its very speacial to me to be able to have the Savior as a friend and teacher, i know he has always been there for me, and all of you, but now i feel as if he walks beside me everywhere i go. i love being a missionary and the worst day so far was the day i relized i had been out for a month. i only have less than 23 left. i was very sad. i love you and im grateful for your support. have fun and be safe. Nahedan!!! (see ya later) Moi (goodbye or hello) Terve! (hello or goodbye)..... you choose. :) :) :)

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