Thursday, September 13, 2012

Letter #8

Dear Family,
 This weeks been pretty good, I dont have much time but im sending pics, or trying to. The language is going....... well its not really going anywhere but in three weeks i will be. i will be going to FINLAND!!! the land of the FREE!!! okay I will be leavin that but.... I'm down with that. In a workshop this week we learned about embracing a cultures good and in harminy with the gospel stuff and how to kindly the not so with the Gospel stuff. It's cool. and they told us to totally leave behind American culture. I was like, Okay!! "Expelliarmus!" jk. But it was still magical. yo yo. My companionship and I were made zone leaders this week, and I was made district leader, and I think I forgot to mention I've been senior companion this whole time. so I feel like I need something to do. Jk. I love serving others and I think studying the Gospel is ADDICTING. Sorry mom, I still havent been to choir for a long time, but I will from now on. I promise. So my favorite language study thing to do is to read the Mormonin Kirja in finnish. (Book of Mormon) it works with pronounceing and kind of fluentcy. i love the language but.... it doesnt love me. The devotionals are awesome and im not really excited to leave the MTC because then it would mean my mission is 1/10 over. other than that, I WANT TO GO TO FINLAND!!! but the MTC is great. It has its little iffs and ehhs. but its chill. Thank you for the support and the love. I pray for you all and I love you!!! I hope things are going good and join me next week on the adventures of VANHIN WAITE!! peace.
Vanhin Waite

Mom- I love you, thank you for your card! I love you and give a love and a kick to Parker! just kiding. i love you mom.

Jessica- THank you for the cookies, They are GREAT!! i love them! they are already almost gone! and thank you for the card. tell derek i love him and i love you and i miss ya ya stain. yo yo. somebodys birthday is coming!! yo

Mom- Can you send this email to Jocelyn? Sorry.
I love you

Steve Watson and FAMILY- Tell your family thank you for the package!! I love the note from you all and i love the cookies. thank you!! You girls be good now and NOT BAD! JK, yo. Your always good. yo :) Thanks for writing me and thanks for mowing my moms lawn, it means alot. Thank you. Love ya and peace homie, thank you.

THank you Natalie and Rhett. yo

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