Monday, November 19, 2012

Letter #18

Hey Family!! and all others who venture to read this!!

News flash, it hasnt even snowed here yet, pretty cool hugh? Its kinda surprising to me, it has not gotten below -2 for the last three weeks, but hey, counting my many blessing!! :) yo

So, I dont know if I said this, but "jo" in Finnish, (sounds like "Yo" in English) is a confirming are agreeing sound. Its Great!! I forgot to say that but I say Yo everyday to people and strangers and animals... maybe not the strangers.... Jk!!! But we had Stake Conference this last week, and I could understand 1/2 of what was said!! its great! yo! ;)

okay so, last P-day, we were shopping and my companion just said, "Hey, lets go in there". So this is a suit mission, but we went into this store and I found a WAY good deal on a scarf and one of those cool furry HATS!! but I also saw a navy suit jacket!! I had two pairs of Navy color pants, and it just so happens, they go together!(the colors)! I think its funny now because I have American pants and a European jacket, but I have Three suits!!! oh yeah.

So this week we tried visiting all the lesser activers, and it pretty tough to get a hold of some. But we met with this one man who had been inactive from the church for 10 years. He has an alcohol addiction and when we called him to set something up, he was soo drunk we had to have a member understand his address. but the amazing thing was that he wanted to meet!! and so we met with him, and he said to us oh I want to come back to church, we told him great and tried giving him a BOM to read, and he said some things that hit me, he said "No, I cant take the BOM, its a sacred Book, I know its true, and Im not worthy to read it." This little old man said that and all I thought was "Yes you can." The lesson went really well and we also have an investigator from China, he is the one that was so excited when he prayed for the first time, but he came to Stake Conference with us! but what was cool, is that he invited a friend, way awesome!!

So me and my Companion have this tradition of making pizza every Friday Night. Its Way fun!! I wouldnt mind keeping this tradition, in fact I think I will!! We also decided to try a different pizza every time, and so we have, and lets just say we have had some good, some not so good. :) who knew bananas dont belong on pizza. :)

Hoping everything is going great! because it is great here!!
         Vanhin Waite

So, this is my winter face!! dont ask why I was holding the broom, it happened to be there. yo. :) and my new hat! its sweet

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