Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letter #16

This past week was pretty cool. My companion woke up one day and his back really hurt. So we ended up indoors for two days, but... it was good. We cleaned and did a lot around the apartment. Sunday was probably the busiest, we had two investigators in Church!1 Yes!! and it was fast and testimony meeting, and after our branch president spoke, (he is a great guy! I love him! he is this big guy who is just happy and laughy:)) but he gave his testimony and when he sat down, there was like a 2 minute pause, and that is when he gave us "the eye", and it was so funny, but we ended up giving our testimonies. I told a little story of how we met a guy on the street on Saturday and had a conversation and how it blew his mind that me and my companion have not been in the country a year, let alone 6 months and 5 weeks. its crazy. but I know that I have help from Heavenly Father, and the Spirit knows perfect Finnish. We seek to have the Spirit everyday. I love my little branch. they´re great!!!

So, this week and over the past weeks I really have notice the sacrifice of members here. There is this Sis in the branch who I love, she is the only member of the Church in her family. But she comes every sunday, its about a 40 min drive for her, and we try to meet with her sometimes and she says she is always looking for ways to share the Gospel with her family. She is so amazing, and there are other members that really are alone in life but they hold strong. There are so many wonderful people in the church. And I absolutly LOVE one of the older couples in the ward, they´re both 80 something, but the husband, everytime you shake his hand and say hello he starts laughing and smileing and tries to squeeze your hand off, its SO funny. I love them.
So all saints day was actually on Friday Night, and NOBODY was out on the streets, but here are some cool pictures of the Graveyard in Hämeenlina. It was pretty cool, one of those movie moments, oh, speaking of movie moments, the fog here (pretty cold to ride a bikers through it) is like the movies, its awesome!!! I love it! So this week I am actually going to be in Helsinki, its for my 6 week language training thing and also some leadership training stuff. so... yup, pretty cool. but personally, i love Hämeenlina, its a lot more peaceful and a LOT less dodgy places. if ya know what i mean.
I love you all. I know this Church is true, the more we serve in it, the more you realize oh dang true it is. We have everything. And i´m so grateful to be here. I love Finland and serving a mission. its AWESOME!!! love ya! peace.
Vanhin Waite

These are pretty sweet ones i liked. :)

So, the fog comes a lot, its a pretty reoccurring friend. :)  its cool. Isnt the graveyard sweet? yo! 

This is the morning of the flight, bright and early going to the airport. and also some German Food!! I thought i should take advantage. :)

So these pics are when I arrived in Frankfurt. FIRST PICS IN EUROPE!!  

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