Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter #19

Dear Family and Friends and all yalls,

This week has been really busy and really awesome!! First off, Happy THANKSGIVING!!! Kiitospäivä!! :) Im a little late to the party buy yo, I love you all! 

So we have a couple of Chinease investigators, they are SO cool. We were teaching one of them how the Holy Ghost can help us and give us answers to our prayers, and he still didnt feel like he´s ever felt the Holy Ghost. So we decided to talk about Christ and His Gospel trying to lead into the Gift of the Holy Ghost and , and the Spirit was totally in the room with all of us and then we said "We know you have felt the Holy Ghost and we know that you know that this is true." than there was this silence that came, and nobody wanted to move.... and than he said "Yeah..... yeah I have felt that before, I felt something like this when we met at the door for the first time..." Wow, the Lord is preparing people and its great, he wants to be baptized but he is going to talk to his family about it first. Please pray for him, call him Jack. :) 

Okay, speaking of Missionary work. So, since Confrence and the news about younger missionaries doing the good work:) :) :) :) our Mission President told us some AWESOME news!! So right now, in Finland, there are about 70 missionaires total. about 14 Sisters and 56 Elders. This time next year, there will be 70 Elders and 38 Sisters!! oh and 4 more Elders in Finland but Sweedish speaking, for a total of 112!!! its Awesome!! 

So with Thanksgiving this week we had a big two district combination meeting, then we had some food after the meeting, okay it was alot of food. It was SO fun because me and my compianion were just crackin jokes like there was no tommorrow (we were eating, drinking and being merry.. JK!) and we had everyone smileing and rollin on the floor!! it was way fun. 

We had a dinner appoinment with my FAVORITE members EVER!! they´re this hilarious older couple, the Bro. drives way fast and its just funny, he laughs alsmost at everything and the Sis, she is just a talker about the gospel, you get her started and she will go on about blessings in church and about Everything, shes Great!! Im going to get a picture of them sometime because they´re awesome.

Vanhin Waite

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