Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Letter #17

Dear Family,

Well, this week... alot happened for not being in your assigned area for 5 days. Helsinki was fun!! I love President Rawlings, he is so cool. He inspires, uplifts and gets ya freakin pumped to just talk to people and bring them the good word. its great:) Came back to Hämeenlinna and surprising got alot done for being gone so long. Its the last week of the Transfer, or Change, but me and Elder Anderton are staying in Hämeenlinna for another transfer!!:) :)

So, in LTM (Leadership training meeting) Pres would talk about a topic and than he would make us do role plays and incorperate the things we learned. It was EXTREAMLY helpful because it practices everything and we just learn so many new teaching stratagies and insights, its way good. There were about 12 total missionaries there and the Pres. his wife and the AP´s. But everyday there we would have lunch with the office staff. They are SO cool!! And they always tried to get me to finnish the rest of the food because they noticed I would take about 4 or 5 servings. (Tee Hee) They are just funny and I love them. Elder and Sis France are this Way sweet nice couple from Utah and than Sis Horning is just a way funny older sister missionary, shes hilarious!!! Sis Horning says she will go sky diving when she turns 70. gotta love her :) theyr way cool. But there food was really good and I told them so. yo. :):)

So, on Wednesday, as we were on the trolly to the meeting, the meeting started at 10 and we have been early to it everytime because its the Pres dont ya know. But on the trolly ride over I started talking to a man and he seemed to be interested. Now theres a rule I learned the day before that if your talking to someone, than its okay to miss the stop. Well I was talking to this guy about Profeets, and i notice that the other three Missionaries get of the trolly, than the door started closeing, but at the last second, the other missionary (Elder Larsen) jumps back on and the trolly starts going, leaving my comp but i had someone there. oh it was so crazy!! and scary, but I kept talking, and I tried to extend like a meeting with him, or a number, but he kept saying hes a devoted orthodox. so sadly, we got off at the next stop and nothing happened. but I love Elder Larsen, hes so cool. He was like good job! and than we made our way back because we missed our stop by a long short. We were 30 minutes late to the meeting.

So Finlands Fathers day was yesterday, did not know that. Its pretty cool. Everybody was busy, but we still got to teach a couple of our invetigators. In Sacrament meeting we had a primary program. It was really cool. hearing Finnish kids, wow, nothing like a little voice you cant understand..... but it was still great, they sang primary songs I recognised. Well, that was this week, I hope everythings going great, and I love Finland!! Iäve been here six weeks. thats one transfer. and I think soon they are going to be changing the transfer length. But its great to be rockin on here.

        Vanhin Waite

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