Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter #21

WOW, what a week, i think if i used any more capitals to describe how awesomely busy and crazy it has been than the WHOLE letter would be caps. :)
So, Last week, we had a district little activity for Pday, (the first one ever) and we went to Tampere and watched a dolphin show and also some Astronomy thing about the stars and their alignment in the time of Christs birth. It was was purty sweet. But the dolphins were SOO cool. I made lots of jokes about them, like "Why look! how´d you guys get so far north!!" ha...... it was funny if you were there. but it was fun. not much of a P day, we only bought enough food for 3 to 4 days but... we made it!!! :)
This whole week we had appointments after appointments fall through and it was beginng to look a week to forget. (except for the dolphins) But than, we had a member call us out of the blue, and she said she has a friend who wants to meet with us, and that we could meet at her house for dinner and a lesson. So we were fine with that. :) So we get there and the food was really good! The Fins love fish, and I loved this stuff. You could still see the eyes of the poor guys but, they were small and GOOD!! But just as the food was way good the lesson went AMAZINGLY WELL! and on Sunday he came to church. It is Amazing how much help members are in the work. The member didnt even know this friend was interested and turns out he is an investigator now. :) We need members help!!
So on sunday, I had to give a talk in church. oh, and earlier this week I set up some appointments and talked with some Fins IN THE PHONE!! I was so happy of that. and no, they werent just "hey, we good for tommorow? Great! bye" they were a little bit more sophisticated than that. not much, but they were definately worth the report back home!! :) So I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about faith, and not just faith, but Faith in Christ. I used alot of scriptures and said some things too that were good, and than at the end of my talk I led into a "Christ shared the gospel with others, and we follow Christ as members of this Church. We as missionaries need your help with sharing the gospel. Will you help?" not those exact words, but it was kinda close. :) and what I thought was really amazing is that the speaker before me and after me, all spoke about Christ and the last one was a Stake councilor in the stake presidency. and no, we were not given a topic.But it was so cool because after my talk, which lasted about 10 minutes, the Stake councilor speaks about the Finnish war and how they were fighting for their families and rights, and related it to today, will we fight for Christ? and wow!! he basically saved my talk and oh it was great!! (I think the ward is a little worn out now) but it was great!!! SOO many SWEET spiritual things happen on a mission its Wonderful!!
Merry Christmas all!! did you see the Christmas devotional?? wow I loved Elder Eryrings and Uchtdorfs AND Pres Monson. I love them. we watched it with an investigator. it was great!! I love you all and I love this time of the year to remember the Savior, the significance of His Birth and the memory of His life. A time to strengthen our commitment to love and serve He who decended below all things and suffered for us all. I love my Savior. Rakastan häntä, Hyvää Jouluu teille!!! (Merry Christmas to you!!)
Rakaudella (with love)

Vanhin Waite

Ty and Heidi- Thank you for the letters!! you two are awesome! I loved them!! Thank you!!
Jocelyn- Happy Birthday!!!! wow look at you!! your awesome!! i love you Jocelyn, i think your a fantastic missionary and doing great!! your WAY awesome!! i love your pictures!! Happy Birthday! :)

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