Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letter #22

Dear Family Friends and all others who behold this work of Art,
So, this week, alot of our investigators booked it out of the country for the holidays. It was still a very productive. On tuesday we went to a Home teaching appointment. This meeting was really special to me. We had visited her berfore but this time was different. She is single and her appartment is kinda small but very poorly lit. she is a member and when we got there I noticed that her table had been set up for some food and places for 4 people to sit. There was some desertish treats on a plater in the middle of the table. So we get in and than all 4 of us; me, Elder Anderton, a member, and this women whom we would teach. Than the Sis went and got glörgi for us(its like wasel and REALLY good(wasel is better:):)) but she gives it to us than it hit me. Here she is, older women all alone, and the food/desert/treats she had for us looked like they had been bought and prepared that day and that she had prepared all day for the 40 minutes she would have us with her. Idk, I probably destroyed explaining it, but it was a very speacial lesson. Me and Elder Anderton sang at the end The First Noel in finnish to her and than we left. We have been singing alot lately and I LOVE IT!! Elder Anderton is WAY good at harmonizing and singing bass so I just sing melody, and we rock it!!! but really good. Idk, thought ya would like to know something about a special meeting that went down.
So a really cool story this week comes from doing service for others. Me and Elder Anderton were on our way home from a lesson with an Investigator and we stopped by a members house to shovel there snow. As we shoveled there snow we realize the next door neighbor was shoveling snow too. He was an elderly man and so we hopped right on over to help out. He was SO grateful for us helping him he said "I have to pay you!" was said "No", then he said "How about some coffee?" we said "SURE!! WE would LOVE SOME!! Its been TOO long since I´ve had a sip..."  Jk, just checking if yall are paying attention.:) We said "No" (naturally)and than the man continued trying to persuade us to accept some form of reward and we said "We`ll take hot chocolate." and than he said "Okay, come back in 15 minutes and my wife will have something for you." So we were like, Great! Then we finnished the members drive way, clearing the snow, and went back to the neighbors house. We went in and I thought they had a very very nice house. There were these fancy cups set up for us and some treats as well and they wanted us to have hot chocolate and glörgi with them so we didnt refuse.:) but we talked about the Church and missionary work and shared a christmas message from the BOM. We had a disscusion about Christ and Christmas and at the end, before we left we sang a song. I thought it was really good the whole lesson and at the end of the song the older couple both had tears in their eyes. (Probobly from the singing, i think it would have made a dog cry, wether the singing was so beatiful to bring such tears or was absolutely horrendous, I will leave that for you to decide.) :) :) After words I thought wow, all this came from shoveling snow with a stranger. I thought it was incredible and a blessing.
We had a ward party on Saturday, it was WAY good. we even had 5 non members show up. which is great!! but the members really loved it. we had some food and some little presentations/things performed by people in the ward. And me and my comp did a little story, he read goldy loks and the 3 bears, while I was his arms. it was those kind of things where he is sitting down and Im behind him and there is shirt that looks like is on Elder Anderton but my arms are through it and, I thought it turned out pretty good. they laughed. and then Jouluu poki came!! (santa clause) and it was pretty fun. I love the ward, and lately they have been saying really nice things about us. Yesterday during Church we had a are 70 there and in his and his wifes talk they said "I´ve heard you have really great missionaries..." and we were like "Wow..... dats nice... :)" (in a dreamy, stunned happy voice) ;) :) but it was a really good week.
Being Christmas so close, I really have been reflecting on all our blessings we have, at least my blessings. Like for one, I am SO glateful Im not stuck with a guy for eternity, haveing a comp all the time is...... ya know... but other blessings like, the people in the ward who you just love and a warm apartment and the "Wonderful food to eat!!"-one legged Tiny Tim, But our lives are GREAT!! I love you all and I think the best Christmas gift ever given would be Jesus Christ. The more you learn about Him, His teachings, and His role in your life and in the Plan of Salvation you relize how much love He has for you and everyone!!
Elder Waite

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