Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter #20

Dear Family!!
Wow what a week!! On Tuesday we did exchanges with our district leaders in Tampere. I spent a day in Tampere!! It was my first time in another city doing missionary work for a whole day!! it was fun. At the end of the day we had one family to visit left, and it was a part member family a recent convert part member family actually, I was just thinking it would be a lesson, but we get there and they had us eat dinner, it was a finnish soup that I thought was REALLY good. :) but after the meal we gave a lesson and it was WAY cool! The women was the member and she really loved it, and her husband, was not a member and he loved it too!! After the lesson we went back to the kitchen to have desert, WOW, it was SO good!! :) then me and Elder Jarvis (he´s our awesome district leader) we sang "Abide with me tis even tide" in Finnish. At the end we said a prayer, and everybody was just so happy, I shook the Sis hand and then Elder Jarvis just hugs the husband, and than the wife huged me!! It was GREAT!! :) :) :) it was the first women hug I´ve gotten forever!! but dont worry, she was over 50 and she kinda came at me but... No complaints!!! she was so cute, it was a momma hug. And than the non member husband who doesnt know me from Adam huged me, and I was like YES! I loved it, it was great!! So I guess the love is being spread in Finland. ;) but afterwords I asked Elder Jarvis why the man wasnt a member, he said "Oh he wont except it but he does love us." it was a good hour of love!
Then on Keskiviiko, (Wed) We had District meeting in the morning and those are always fun, I love them. Thursday we did service for a nonmeber family. they had work that needed to be done to finnish the house, and since we do service for free, I think they thought "Perfect!". But the funnest part was, is that I had to use one of those table saw things, where you feed the wood into a blade and it cuts her. Well it was totally sketch but I cut like a 6ft piece of wood with just gogles on... but what an Amazing blessing was that the piece came out perfect, so they liked it. It was Great!! We also put up some sheet rock on the walls(I think thats what it is called) and we totally did a professional job and that was SUCH a blessing because now were invited again!! On Friday, this was awesome, we had planning meeting. Its a meeting you have with your comp where you sit and talk about winters past and listen for sleigh bells and sip hot co-co. Just Kidding!! No its a really important meeting where we plan out the next week. Its super important. But what was cool is that during our planning meeting, we watched the tempeture drop from 0C to -12C in 3 hours! It was Crazy!!! but now we have snow, like you all. :):):):) Then we went out to visit a investigator, and wow, it is WAY fun to ride on the snow in a bike!! we had an awesome lesson about keeping the commandments and relateing it to the vision Lehi had about the Tree of life. And how by keeping the commandments we hold on to the rod and come closer to God. We used the Tree of Life because the investigator just read it. It was a really coo lesson. OH, totally spaced! He is portaguess, (Or how ever ya spell it;)) but he speaks Finnish to us because he doesnt know english and he says his prayers in Portagues. I think im starting to pick up some of it up...... scoosh bush da muush kee de la bush....... I think will speak fluently when I get back Rhett and Jocelyn, have no fear. :)  but he is way cool. and on the way home, there was tons of snow and its -12C (which is below 15F, i think) and I tottally biffed it!! it was great! Im fine, in case of worryings, but the curb was covered by snow alright. and im sure the car driving by thought it was funny. :) on Saturday we were going to visit another investigator, but we go through this little town square, and I was going first and so were going and I make a few turns and than I look behind to talk to my companion and he wasnt there! Then I see him come around the corner and he asked me "Didnt you hear me? I totally biffed it in the town swuare!" I thought it was funny that I honestly didnt hear him... but were falling all over the place. :) But dont worry, were picking up how to ride on the snow and slide and stuff, it comes pretty fast. :)
So today, It is almost -19C, that means we hit below 0F!!!! a good start for being December I think. :) its great! I am so greatful to be here! I hope everything is going well at home, Its December!!! Happy Christmas!! Today for Pday we are going to see some live dolphin show in Tampere, pretty cool I think. Thanks for reading and I love ya!
Jayden-I got your letter, and I sent a letter back to ya, hopefully ya got it. sorry for being slow. and Thank you for the Email. Thats SO coo David is going to Nevada!!! Your awesome and I love ya. And Colombia sound SO cool! thank you
Meghan- Did I really spell your name wrong in the letter?:) sorry, :) I got your letter by the way, thank you!! :)

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