Saturday, December 29, 2012

Letter #23

Dear Family and all those who shall behold this epistle!
So, Tuesday I sent a package!! my first ever legitimate package!! and in another language!! oh, but i reallized when I got home that I had forgotten to put in the letters that explain it inside the package.... its okay, i mailed those so dont open them without the package family!!
Wednesday was great, our branch President took us around to visit members and non members, and as we were going around he would have us sing and share a cool little Christmas message and then skidaddle. It was SO much fun because one older couple started crying because we came. it was great!! (they probably stopped crying when we left. ha ha jk) But our branch President is such a cool guy. we tried a couple in actives and he even bought us some dinner!! so, he pulls up to a gas station and he tells us, "alright, so in America, when you want somting salty you go get hamburger, but in Finland this is what we get." and we go inside and he buys us these enourmus sausage/hot dog things. They were GREAT!!! the outside of them was like stiff and when you bit into it, it made like a popping sound cause they steamed cooked it and wow, it came with no bun, just the hot dog and it was GREAT!!! we need them in America, especially with a little bit of their mustard called Sinapi, its deeliishhh!!!
Then we had Zone Conference on Thursday, meetings are great!! I tottally needed the Spiritual Boost. I loved it. And on Saturday we did service for this family, and its great becase Im getting construction time. we are helping them put up sheet rock and help them establish their own humble abode. Its great. Then on Sunday we visited with probably my most Favorite non-related Finnish old people EVER!! I love them!
So one cool thing. The sun looks SOO pretty here at 1130am. The sun is setting then and the clouds just look sweet!! but the sunset lasts till about three and then its gone, but its way cool, the sun doesnt even go up that high on the horizon, i love it.
Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!! ITs practically HERE!! so you can call us at 9 in the morning!! Im Excited!! so call craftycoding and we are good!! I love you all and I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! HYVÄÄ JOULUA!!!
Rakastan teitä!
Vanhin Waite

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