Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter #25

Dear Family

This week for District meeting we went on a tour of the Hämeenlinna
Castle!! It was SOO cool. I loved the old foundations and they had
rebuilt some rooms to how they would´ve looked like. It was way cool.
We also found a really acustic room, and you know me, I started
singing. Then we all were just like, "lets sing!" and so we sang about
5 hyms in the castle. Nobody stopped us, but nobody clapped
either..... but it was waayyy cool. I felt like I was in the medevil
times. yo :)

It is pretty amusing, all our investigators except a few have left
Hämeenlinna for Christmas and New Years. But I know the Lords work
still continues. This week we have been teaching a family in our ward
Finnish, and they dont know english. So we teach Finnish to them, in
Finnish. Talk about hard. (haha) But they are soo sweet. They know
alot of words and I think they do understand quite a lot. We helped
them write their testimonies in Finnish because they wanted to share
them in Church. Isnt that awesome?:) I am very greatful for the time I
had in the MTC, they prepare you soo well languagly. I am very
greatful for the power of prayer. Because I know prayer has helped me
draw closer to my Savior, and with Him people can understand me. I am
very grateful for the gift of tongues. A mission is an AMAZING

Happy New year everybody! I love you and I pray for you.

Elder Waite

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