Monday, January 21, 2013

Letter #27

HEY Yall!! :)

What a GREAT work this is. Ups downs and ALL AROUNDS!! Its Awesome!
This was a VERY good week. I cant believe it is already 20 days into
the NEW Year!! where does the time go!

So we got a new investigator this week. He had a REALLY hard time with
the idea of a great Apostacy. And he didnt really let us explain much
about it but he agreed to a following lesson. He said he would try to
watch a movie we gave him, the Restoration movie. The second lesson
came. And we had plans to explain Prophets and Christ´s ministry, but
he didnt get a chance to watch the movie. We watched the movie, and
wow, the Spirit was SO strong. At least I can feel it. Everytime we
watch it with investigators the more and more I feel its importance.
Especially the scene where he begins to walk to the sacred grove. I
can feel the power in the room when that movie is playing. And I know
its true. I sat there in a Spiritual high just wondering "How on EARTH
can you not feel this?" But at the end of the lesson, this
investigators confusion and disagreements seemed to be solved. And
what was amazing is he said, "I guess I have to read.." It is a
testimony to me that Joseph Smith really did see the Father and Christ
when I read the BOM and also watch that movie. I like movies.

I love you Family!! I love this work. It is REALLY cool. I love
studying and learning. its great! I hope everything is going good. and
no, it hasnt got too cold here, so far the lowest was -25 C.  But,
other than that, you all are colder than me. :) :) for now...

I love you all and I love this gospel.

Elder Waite

Fresh Market- Thank you!! I love them!! How did you know I love
Cheetos? You are GREAT!! I love ya Karen. Thanks!!

Bro Watson: I loved the Talk. I wasnt there but you know. I heard
about it and I totally agree about being tough and gentle. all that
jazz. I loved It!! Love ya! Oh, funny fact, I got a letter from Jake
that he wrote four months ago. I though that was WAY Cool!! Have a
sweet week!! Hows work?

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