Thursday, January 3, 2013

Letter #24- Happy New Year

Dear Family ja kaikki muille, (and to all others)
It was AWESOME to speak to you!!! I loved it! wow its amazing how much one forgets what his family looks like...... JK!!! ha ha!! you all are beautiful!! It was really really good and cool to hear and see you!! I loved it!! I will make some questions and a list of things to talk about next time! sorry i didn't tell much, i wanted to hear from YOU ALL!!! :) I love you!!
So, Christmas was really fun!!! I loved it!! On boxing day we went up to Tampere for a dinner with our Branch President. Him and his family are AWESOME!!! Casseroles (laatikoita) are really Finnish, especially at holidays and eating reindeer, (poro) but what I thought was funny is that all the dinner appointment we have had, they all said "Your probably sick of the Finnish food, because we are..." :) so we never really had a Finnish meal but all of the food is Great!! I loved it. Oh, so at the Branch Presidents house, he said its tradition for him and his family, on the day after Christmas(Boxing Day) to make pizza`s because they are tired of eating laatikoita. It was SOO much fun. Also, it is very common to put tuna on the pizza`s, its pretty good. After dinner we played a game that I thought was WAY fun!! Its called "Munchkins", and its kinda hard to explain, but it was way fun.
Lately I have been amazed at how well the MTC helps you learn a language. Because we have been helping people learn the language, and I can see why it is soo hard. Its tough to teach!! Because your just like "okay, this is how it is, blah blah blah" and then they ask, "Wow, why? What?" and then you cant say much else other than "I don´t know, it just is." :) Jk, they are not that bad, but it is pretty fun to teach it. I think I learn more by explaining. Kinda cool...
So the miracle this week, happened on an amazingly warm Sunday morning. We had met with this non-active member in the ward earlier this week and we had tried so hard to get him to come to church. He agreed to come to church after our lesson with him and we tried setting up a ride for him but nobody seemed to be able to take him. We finally got a ride set up for him and we were so excited because it was Saturday night and all seemed to go well, and so we called to confirm it with him. In the phone call Saturday night and after we had told we have a ride for him he said "Mä jään pois kirkosta." (I stay away from church) In our hearts we were like "Noo, we got you a ride for you and you said you would come!!!" But we questioned sincerely and lovingly encouraged to come to church, but after the phone call we felt pretty sad. But we didn't call off the ride for him yet. The whole time this was happening we have been praying in our hearts because we knew the Lord would help us and we prayed this member could come to church.  The next morning, Sunday morning, the morning of truth, we called him and we just said that the ride was still comeing and if he would come, and he didn't seem to have any problems with it!!! And he came!!! in a tie, vest and  white shirt!!! We got soo excited and happy when we saw him walking up the steps to church!!! What a miracle!! While in church a lot of members welcomed him and loved him, it was an amazing experience. He said to a lot of members when he saw them "it was these boys and their singing..." 
I love you all and I miss you. But this is a pretty sweet work!!
Love, Rakaudella
Vanhin Waite

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