Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter #28

Dear Family

Wow what a crazy week. It was probably the best and worst all at ounce!! It was great! But wow, from missing another train, to people walking up to us spilling their life story, this week was a doozer. :)

So it all starts on Monday night, we went out to meet some people and this guy stops us on our bikes. (Which is unusual because most Fins dont answer back to a hello, let a lone talking to you) And he said he
wanted to talk to us and use his English and spill what was going on in his life. It was pretty cool that he wanted to talk, but it was a lot of detail and he didnt want us to say anything. When we tried to talk to him he didnt want to listen and he told us to just listen to him.

Tuesday, we had a lesson at night with an investigator who has a baptismal date and we also had a train to Tampere later that evening. When the lesson was over, we had 11 minutes to get to the train. Now, let me tell you, heres the situation all righ, the investigator lives
3 killometers away from the train station. Its mostly a down hill ride, and we had our extra bag of clothes and stuff to spend the night at Tampere. We had 11 minutes in the snow, on a bike... WOW we booked it. We got to the train station at the SAME time the train got there,
but we had to lock our bikes, go down the stairs, ru underneath track one and run up the stairs to track two, I was skipping three steps
going up, (and as intense action music was playing, and time slowed down.. with beads of water falling gracefully down our faces as we ran up the stairs..... jk) oh, it was snowing a bit too, but I get up the stairs first and I am 5 strides away from touching the train and it starts to go....... Its all good though. another train came in 20
minutes so it was no biggy, but wasnt that a sweet story. It happened that dramaticly too. :)  a few Finns made some "oh so close" comments. it was good. :)

On another day, we tried a former investigator and this was good. It said on his record that he lived in a "sketchy place". This, is an understatement. It was TOTALLY sketch. But this was probably the coolest part of the week. So we said a prayer before we went inside and knocked on his door. His door looked scary and when he answered he said we could come in. We go in, and there was alot of tabacco and alcohol and other things and there were very inappropriate pictures on the wall. We asked him some questions and he said he wants to change his life. And I can NOT explain the love I felt for this man who in his mind has hit rock bottom. The love was not mine, I know it was the love God has for each of his children. that was more powerful to me than the evil in the room. And this man felt it, we showed a picture
of Joseph Smith seeing God and Christ and telling him about it and he said "wow, I can feel the Holy spirit from that." so we asked if we could replace the bad pictures with good ones and we did. We also set up a baptismal date with him. He wants to change his life and health
and I think he can do it. We went to his house an hour and a half before church to walk him to church on Sunday. He came and he liked it.

There was alot of other cool things that happened this week but due to the amount of time I have already spent, this letter/email will have to come to a close. My testimony of this gospel and living according to its principles and teachings has grown SO much. I love my Savior soo much and I love serving a mission. I love you all and I am so grateful to be alive in this church!!

Vanhin Waite

Sis. Meghan White- ITS OFFICAL!! PITSBURG!!!!! AAHHH!!! Oh ya!!! are
you speaking Pennish? haha, that is SOO COOL!! but you cant start
being a STEELERS fan!!! Oh, they are the dreaded rivals of the Colts.
Thank you for the Package!!! Wow, your awesome! I love the candies and
letter. I am trying the everyday thing you sent, and it is Awesome!
tell your mom thanks! Thank you. Wow that is so cool.

Skyler Gull- CALIFORNIA!! NO WAY!! Rock on!! I dont know where
Roseville is but, where the sand begins, the mission ends. That is SO
cool. I love ya man. :) :)

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