Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter #33

Wow, what a week....

Dear Family

This week, had a lot of goings ons. It went from District meeting, to people we met, exchanges to getting sick and all kinds of stuff. But it was definitely a blessed week. I learned a ton about accountability, obedience and patience. All three I need help with.

Praying always, on Tuesday we had a long trip out to a investigator really fast because he was about to leave to somewhere. and I was not feeling too hot. The lesson was really good but at the end, he didn't
want to be baptized anymore. He agreed to talk about it later but then we had to travel all the way across town to our next appoint which we were late to. I know I am dramatic sometimes and all but, it really
was all the way across town. My stomach the whole time was a aching and with the wind and the cold, it was just not a good day, but as I sang the song "Come, Come ye Saints" it helped me to pray always, and I remember feeling adequate enough strength come to me. It was an amazing experience and I have notice that when I talk to people, my pains and problems go away, its as if the Spirit is prolonging my
problems so I can listen to the people I talk to. But I made it home, and I had to crash for 3 hours. I'm all better now. :)

Then we had District meeting. All 8 elders slept in the same apartment together the night before and we got up at 530 to play some sähly and basketball. We played fro 2 hours and then got dressed. wow, WAY fun. I stink at bBall now, it was the last time since the MTC. But District meeting was really good. We discussed what it means to be successful to the Lord and to our own work. I used some scriptures from all over the place like from 3Nephi when Christ speaks about a tree that bringth forth not good fruit is thrown into the fire and we discussed what kind of fruit we each bring out. So this is where I learned about
obedience and how important it is. That the Fruits of our labors or our success comes from being obedient as was Nephi, Moroni, and other great men. I learned about accountability in my personal study later
about that. That Accountability goes along with our Free Agency, we must choose to be accountable to others and that it also includes "... being anxiously engaged in a good cause." I love being on a Mission
because you learn what your life goals are, what you want to be.

Patience, I learned I don't have it. I am not patient with my self, or with the people around me. There has been many learning experiences and I can just imagine Mom going "YES, he´s catching on!! He´s
learning something!!" I already knew I had problems, the mission is just proving them. :)

This week, was good, and mostly rough. I know the Lord is helping me and seeing His work move foreword. I love learning, its great. I love
you all and I wish you da best. :)

Vanhin Waite

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