Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter #36

Dear Family

So, this week was epic. I went down to Helsinki to pick up my new companion. His name is Elder Anderson and he is from Payson UT. He is
6´6´´ and way nice. What can I say, we are a good pair for basketball.

This week we had a lesson with a elderly women in our ward. All we did is we shared a scripture about music and than we sang to her. She
loves music and all she wants to do with us is sing out of the hymn book´. :) But this Elderly sister is so special. She has a hard time moving around and she really wanted to give us a little something to eat and she is just this precious little older lady. At the end of our little meeting we got up to go and were putting on our coats and shoes and I remember looking over to see her and she was still sitting in her bedroom/livingroom/office just stareing off into the distance. And I remember thinking that she is very special to our Heavenly Father. She lives alone and she has a hard time moving around her house, but
she always comes to church, and as we left I thought of 3Nephi 12:14-16. When Christ talks about being a light to the world, and how our good works glorify our Heavenly Father. I know there are people whom we can serve and love and to whom we can give our light.

One thing I have noticed this week is how powerful and important the BoM is to us. I have definately grown to LOVE and cherish my Book of Mormon. 2Nephi11 talks about how much Nephi loves the scriptures, and it is interesting how he says he delights in proving to others the coming of Christ twice in the same chapter. Pretty sweet, go
missionary work. :)

I love you all and I am very Greatful for you. I have learned soo much as a missionary and most of it is about myself. I love my Mission Presidentl, he is truely inspired and a man of God. It is way fun to
be a trainer, and I love Finland!!!

Vanhin Waite

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