Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter #35- We had a BAPTISM!

Dear Family, Friends, close and not so close relatives,

This week has been WAY GOOD and WAY interesting.The whole week went
pretty good, we had a district meeting which was way good and before
it we played basketball for two hours. Way fun. Then that night after
district meeting we had a baptismal interview which the Zone Leaders
conducted. I love our Zone leaders, WAY humble guys. The next day we
had a BAPTISM!! She asked me to baptise her which was really special.
She is the first Baptism ╩╣ve ever had. :) A Awesome totally tender
mercy of the Lord. I never taught her anything because she had already
been taught and she was just waiting for her birthday to be 18. But
she is SO cool. In the interview I found out that her answer to the
question "why do you want to be baptised?" she replied "I want to be a
part of the Kingdom of God on earth." (way good answer in my opinion)
So she is really prepared and very blessed. It was a really cool
expeiriance and I will always remember it. Very special.

So my companion and I were tracting last night, and he felt like we
should trackt the last building on a block. So far, all the doors in
the building before it did not answer and it was getting close for us
to be late. But we trackted the last building and about every door in
this last building answered. After trackting we started leaving and
then this man comes out of the building who had previously said no to
us, he said "Hey! Would you like some tea and to discuss about
things?" We said no to the tea but said "of coarse" to the discus
things part. We went inside to a small family, with one son and they
fed us fresh home made blueberry pie with ice cream. Turns out they
are SUPER religious and would like to learn more about our religion.
Way cool! Best let in EVER!

So, this change is comeing to an end. I have almost been in the
country 6 months and it is the end of my 4th change. I was District
leader and I was in Joensuu. And this next change I will NOT be
District leader anymore,(tells you how crapy I did) BUT I will be
Training. WAY sweet! Pres told me he doesnt want me doing the District
Leader stuff as well as the Training stuff. So, WAY cool. I will be
Training in Joensuu, with the luckiest Elder in the World. I am SOO
excieted for General Conference next month!!

I love you all, and it is REALLY awesome out here and pretty busy!! I
know the Book of Mormon is true and I love this Gospel. Joseph Smith
really was a prophet of God. My testimony of obeying and exact
obediance has grown SOO much, that when I have my "eye single to the
glory of God" then I am Happier and I am able to fulfill Christs
commandment of "Love one another, as I have loved you." I love you and
I hope your week goes EXCELLENT TEE!!! (a little bit of Spanish

Elder Waite

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