Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter #38

Dear Family
Wow, what a week. Yeah so last week had a lot of sacred days, which means stores closed and library closed. Thats why my email was a wee bit late. But it was a very good and fun week. The Lord has a way of moving His work. And I am begining to think we are all investigators.
So we had a very interesting experiance and just another testimony to me of the power of the Gospel and why we live it. Our investigator who we helped quit smoking  and have taught a ton to has fallen pretty far. My testimony of having our lives anchored in Christ has grown, and after conference and many experiances here on my mission my testimony of obediance to all the commandments such as Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chasity have grown huge. This investigator, it is so sad to see, has now resorted to porn and beer instead of the gospel. I pray for this investigator and I love this investigator. I say this to you just to tell you how GRATEFUL I am to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Oh, a funny experiance I had again, we talked to this lady on the street asked us if it is the same Christ that gives salvation to those who believe. We told yes, but He is much more. And she blessed us, like letterally blessed us and than kept walking. Pretty funny. I thought.
So we have been working wiht this less active, and it is married and has a kid. It hasnt been to church for a long time and we have been teaching it for some time and it´s young. but this week it opened to us for the first time. I think. It told us itas had a lot of doubts about the church. it s read and seen many things that have "shaken" its faith. And the spirit was with us when we taught it and I told her two things, 1) Faith is like a muscle, if you dont use it you lose it. 2) write down your concerns or print off what is bothering you and lets read it together. We went back a few hours before conference and it had questions, they were definately anti-Mormon questions and I could not answer all of them. But I knew and I knew it felt how these were not true, I answered what I could and then we shared a thought about prophets. I told it that you will continue in doubt until you do something about it. You dont read, pray or watch conference, and if you dont make your own mind up about things, then of coarse someone or something else will make your mind for you. I learned in that lesson that there are things in this world to act, and things to be acted upon. And if we dont ACT, than we will be acted upon. (weird how that sounds like a scripture, funny I know right)
ANd than Conference. Wow, way cool. I loved what I saw, and I saw what I loved. I didnt get to see or hear the last session. Sunday afternoon. I saw all the others. I loved Pres Packers poem. Elder Perry´s enthusiasim, some of the 70 Elders had some good ones. Sis Daltons was a favorite of mine. And President Monson of coarse was way good! I also love Elder Uchdorfs toddler reference in priesthood, and I loved how President Eyring said something like "the true church of Christ" or "this is the true church of Jesus Christ" like 4 times throughout the whole Conference. The good marriage one by Wixmon? I think. that was cool. Wow and all the talk of the power of the priesthood and marriage and who we really are as children of our Heavenly Father was really cool.
I love this gospel and I hope you are all haveing a great time!! I love our prophet and I am greatful to be a missionary. I love you all and have a great week!!

Vanhin Waite

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