Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter #42

Dear Family
I love you! So this week went by WAY fast. We were in Helsinki for four days and then had a VERY busy last 3 days. I learned SO much from the training thing in Helsinki and I got to go to the Helsinki Temple! :) We have two amazing invetigators who have set baptismal dates and they are way cool.
Our two investigators are way cool! they are a couple, and they have a 11 year old daughter, and we actually met the women before any of the rest. We were doing some work in one area and she came up to us and asked, "Who are you? Do you live here?" and we talked and agreed to meet later. Our first lesson was the BEST I have ever been in. We were laughing at times and then there were times were the room was silent and the Spirit was SO strong. It is truely the Lords work because He led this women to us and, Ive never taught or explained the gospel so easily before. It was just sharing a way of life how important it is and they are way cool. In our 2nd lesson we set a baptismal date with them. And yesterday they came to church!!! Every lesson there is always a strong Spirit and also laughing. my favorite!! Spirit and laughing, cant go wrong. :) :) She told us in the last lesson we had with them about prayer, that she had ´prayed´ somewhat and infact, she prayed earlier that day that she would find someone or something that would help her grow or use her faith. And then she met us, later that same day!!! I love these two!! they are way cool.
What do you NOT learn on a mission!! man, I think I have learned more about my self than anything else. I really liked something that I learned about gifts. We all have different gifts. And ALL these gifts that we have been given such as: Height, eye color, Gender, running speed, musical ability, humor or lack of humor, looks, strength, coolness, and all sorts of other gifts the World judges and so do we. All of these attributes and traits sperate us. Which is a good thing, because then we are unique and we can be happy with that. But when judgements like "You are not as fast as he is, your not as good." "Im not as pretty as she is." "You are so cool, Im not as cool." all of these seperate and degrade us. But the message of the Gospel, the fact that we are children of a loveing Heavenly Father unites us. Then it doesnt matter "He is better looking than I am" because he is a son of God and so am I. Way cool thought I had. And that is what I have tried talking about with people this week.
I love this time I have to be a missionary. It is NOT the easiest thing in the world.Sometimes is Stinks. But so far, it has been the most rewarding esperiance and adventure I´ve ever been on. I love it:) :)
I love you. have fun
Elder Waíte

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